It’s been a week

And I’ve gotten a few things done:) Except the wash, of course. I think I’ll be dead before that’s ever finished! This week has been fairly productive. Monday was a short day in court – and the weather was beautiful but I was inside. Alas, no exercise, but I did get my paperwork done. Tuesday was also a beautiful day. I spent the morning in the office until about 2:00 and then hit the road for a client visit in PA. The clients were absolutely adorable – in a pre-adoptive home (thank G-D!) and doing very well, given their beginnings – and I won’t say any more than that. I later got my hair cut and I don’t think anyone has noticed, LOL:) Doesn’t this look like the face of someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley? And that’s the AFTER shot! Hey, it could be worse and this cut is actually kind of fun to work with. Unlike this one was:) 53 going on 12, LOL…Wednesday was another day of court and visits, but between the two was a brief babysitting/picking up from the bus stop interlude with Madison. It was actually kind of fun. I remember how it was not having any family around to do that for us and it felt good to do it for our kids. Madison was wonderful. We sang Pat Benitar’s “Hit me with your Best Shot” as we drove through Ellicott City and my own “Poopies in yer pants” song (which always gets Grammy in BIG trouble with the parental units, but hey, that’s what Grammies – especially the crrrazy variety – are for!)
Thursday and Friday were Court days.
I finally blocked and gave the knitted tee to that friend for her birthday. (Above is the unblocked version with little color, no thanks to the new camera phone.) I was so worried it wouldn’t fit, but she tried it on and indeed it does! Who knew? Must be getting better with the fitting. On to the next things in the list o’ projects.
Thursday was choir practice and we had a terrific time. Anyone who’s read this blog knows how much I really enjoy singing with that group! Friday after court I went walking in the park with Nancy. Apparently walking helps her blood sugar and it helps contain the, ahem, secretarial spread of my hindquarters, so any port in the storm. It’s funny – it’s getting to be addictive – the rhythm of walking and the moving. Of course, as the weather gets warmer, it’s going to be more of a challenge, but I will keep it up, good Lord willing, etc. I have gone back to watching the carbs – not perfectly, but well. And I feel it. Let’s hope this time I’ll stay with it to make another dent in this all too solid flesh. I figure if I make enough dents, eventually I’ll whittle away to something presentable.
Today was a good day, but the house sure doesn’t look like it! This morning a few of us from the choir sang at Confirmation. We had a terrific time and actually didn’t sound half bad even to my non-professional ears! Hopefully we didn’t make St. Johns look too bad to the other parishes who were having Confirmation with us – or to the Bishop. The Bishop’s sermon was very good. Bishop Raab always seems to really hit the nail on the head. He’s not ultra fancy or esoteric in his preaching and that’s just fine. His sermon today was on the Serenity Prayer by Rheinhold Niebuhr (I think I spelled that correctly). Anyone who’s been in a 12-step group would appreciate it – You know, the one that goes:
God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.
My late mother-in-law had that prayer hanging on one of the walls downstairs. I remember reading it for the first time when I was in John’s house. Of course, then I didn’t think of it as John’s house, but Holli and Lori’s (his sisters with whom I played, hung out, etc.). That prayer had an impact on me then and still does to this day. My problem of course is in that bit about the wisdom to know the difference. That’s when we’re supposed to wait for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and of course, your undersigned is a bit impatient for that – with fairly weird results!
We were having a good time at this service, enjoying ourselves, singing, and happy to see young people and some joining the church as adults. That’s why I was surprised when I found myself almost actually start crying at the sight of this one African American extended family surrounding this young teenager. There had to be about 15 to 20 family members with hands outstretched, gathered around this kneeling young fellow. I had to hold back the tears as I thought of so many of my clients who have no one, some literally, others virtually. How different their lives would be with a support system like that! What would our society be like if we truly believed in that adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.”?? In the words of that Hindenburg disaster reporter, “Ah the humanity!”
And with our family, the kids ARE the village, LOL!
This afternoon, I got in a quick walk and then headed home to babysit the grandangels – they almost had to wake John up because I was about 5 minutes late getting back. Thankfully, he went back to sleep. When I walked in the door, Madison was at the computer, doing her thing online at some Disney type website and said, “Hi Grammy! Guess what? If yer happy and you know it take a bath on the roof!” To which I replied, why that’s Crrrrazy! That’s INSANE, That’s TOTALLY NUTS!!! Everyone would see my hiney(sorry). She went into paroxysms of laughter. Ruby went running up to me for a big hug and kiss!
I love being a grandma. It’s a little scary being known as the “crrrazy” one, though. (What else is new?) I AM encouraging them to say the “silly” one instead. You never know when DSS is looking!
Tonight I’m going to finish up the prayer shawl thingie. That will make two of the four point 8 gazillion projects pending, but hey, it’s a drop in the bucket more than I had yesterday!
Tomorrow is a musical day – the kids are probably not doing dinner with us – or not all of them anyway. I have the usual choir/church thing going on and then in the afternoon there’s a concert being given by a choral group. Since I am a fan of choral music – especially good stuff, which this group will be singing (Herb Dimmock Singers – they are very good!), I intend to go.
Then I’ve got paperwork and getting ready for next week.
Here’s a picture of the prayer shawl just about done. Because it’s done in Lion’s Homespun, which really doesn’t lend itself well to fringe, I decided to simply crochet a border for it. Hopefully it’s not too frilly for a man in case that’s who gets it.

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