Picking up where I left off

Such is my life – trial puts everything on hold (0r almost everything) then it’s catch up:). Thankfully today, the TPR trial I was supposed to participate in has been postponed indefinitely. So I will have time to settle in on this cloudy, windy, dreary (although I like this kind of weather) day and get some paperwork done. Right now John is (bless his heart) getting the oil changed on “my” car (well, the one I use) and running errands. After this entry, I’m getting some work done and filing our income tax returns (YUCK). We don’t own a home and always end up owing what we don’t have, so they come get it later. I figure it’ll all get paid off when I die, LOL. Funny thing is, this will sound strange, but as far as I’m concerned, whatever Uncle Sam wants, Uncle Sam can have. In fact, I wish he’d take more to help my fellow citizens – because the debt of gratitude I have for living in this wonderful country is worth more than anything I owe monetarily. No, I’m not a big fan of the guy in the White House right now and I think our foreign policy absolutely reeks to high heaven and I think gays should be able to get married and that being a feminist is not a dirty word. But I can talk about that. Freely. And I can still fight to recover the rights the current regime has tried to take away. And I can choose to worship according to my conscience – or not, as the case may be. For these things, I am eternally grateful. So call me a sap, a nerd or whatever – and get over it.

Lest anyone from outside the USA read this, I also appreciate greatly the cultural, legal and other traditions of countries other than mine and love to learn about them. In fact, unless you are a Native American, chances are if you live in the USA, your origins are from abroad. Another cool thing – and difficult thing – about home.

OK enough chauvinism for one day. Today is about getting re-organized. So, on the knitting front, I still have the following projects outstanding. (Numbers indicate the order I think I should complete them.)

Started and in line for lift-off, LOL:
1. Lace summer top (birthday gift for a friend already almost 2 weeks late!!) almost done

2. Prayer shawl – almost done:) have finished 2 of 3 skeins and will probably use the 3rd to do about 20 more rows, then crochet an edge rather than cut a fringe, since the Lion Homespun is thought to unravel when cut.

3. Madison’s hot red cable sweater- about 1/3 done (may need to hold off on this until the summer to be sure I’m getting the right size)
4. Baby blankie fashioned from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Nina shawl (baby will be driving when she gets it, LOL) 1/4 done
5. Heartbeat summer shirt – very interesting pattern from http://justonemorerow.com
6. FLAK sweater ( it will get done, it will get done, even if I’m on sleeve island, have fallen and can’t get up) about 1/3 done
7. Fair Isle Dale of Norway Sweater (am having a great deal of fun with this) About 1/10 done

8. Log-cabin afghan from Mason-Dixon Knitting will be ongoing as I figure out how to do this with larger and larger needles (60-inch circs size 9??) who knows how far it’ll go?

9. Fair Isle cotton vest (using a Garnstudio pattern and designing garment myself – very amorphous right now)

10. Assortment of scarves (you know, that knitting you do when you have time to kill and can’t do anything you actually have to think about)

11. And something I won’t even try to describe – but it’s in linen and cotton and good Lord knows what all! Again, for a friend.

Not even started but in the planning stages:
1. Aran for John (not even started, have acrylics in stash to do or will have to wait for wool)
2. Erin from Alice Starmore’s Celtic Knitting (not even started, but have a good bit in stash toward it)
3. Inishmaan from Alice Starmore’s book borrowed from library (have Kelly green acrylic yarn for it, but no where near begun).

OK, it was fun thinking about these, but (sigh) I have to get to work…..

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