I’ve been silent too long (sung to the Rascal’s hit….)

Sorry to have been so quiet on the ‘net. Hah – most of my friends would strongly disagree with that. But I guess life hath intervened. It always does:) Madison had a nice birthday. It was good to see her getting some good attention. Unfortunately, she sometimes too much like her “mom-mom” was back in the day, LOL! Now that we have a slightly better understanding of what’s going on with her, I think we tend to have more patience – at least I do. John always did! Oprah recently had a special on autism – last Thursday, I think. I got off work early and actually watched it when it aired. Good thing I was the only one home at the time, because I was surprised at the depth of my emotional response – cried my eyes out. It just hurts to think that kids can lose what they had with this baffling disease. I think it’s caused by the environment. Look at all the kids now with those crazy peanut allergies – my nephew Tommy has that. One crumb from a peanut butter cookie could kill him! Schools are now “peanut-free” zones. That didn’t happen just 20 years ago! That night, when I got back from choir prax, I sat down in front of the TV to do some knitting and fell fast asleep. When I awoke the clock on the wall said 3:13 am. I got up, did the dishes (!!no comment) and before heading for bed, checked my e-mail. As I was answering one or two from work, I got this “IM” from Dori (Madison’s mommy) saying “what are you doing up?” She was working the graveyard shift at police dispatch and they go online to while away the quiet times between the usual insanity. We had a really good conversation about Madison, Asperger’s, what the school is doing, her IEP, how Ruby is reacting to her big sis, etc. etc. I came away with a greater respect for my daughter and the love she has for her little girls. And a lot more hope for the future.
Last week, I didn’t have much by way of hearings. It was a “light” week in one sense, but did require a bit of attention to this week’s resumption of the TPR trial. I did a bit of running around getting subpoenas served for records. I don’t think I’ll have any testimony to add to that of the DSS witnesses, but will do one more check with those three witnesses who won’t return my calls (!*&^(*&^(*&).
On a more personal front, I had a wonderful time with family and friends, walking with Nancy, praying and singing with the choir, busy Eastertide from Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday, Kristin and Sonny attended Easter services and Sunday evening, the entire family came for Easter dinner – down to the granddogs:) I am a very rich woman, indeed!
I’ve even gotten some knitting done: The pic on the left is the beginnings of that Dale of Norway pattern I’ve been dying to start. It doesn’t look half bad, if I do say so myself – and who knew I might have it to wear by 2009, LOL!
This blue thing is not too close because it’s a gift for a friend who’s going to the beach this summer and I’m hoping to get it done soon. John was teasing me about it – asking if I was knitting it for him. I told him I thought he’d look good in lace, LOL:)
I do owe him a nice sweater that fits, though! Maybe I’m a little nervous, given that the fair isle sweater I knit him back in 1974 was big enough to fit Paul Prud’homme back in the day! I even felted it and it was still too big, LOL. Oh well, live and learn. There’s a very happy fat homeless man out there who likes green:) Lord I am bad…..
OK, time to get going – have to finish visits, prep for court tomorrow and EfM tonight! Might even get another walk in today, with luck! Actually got one in yesterday. Now if I could just get through an evening without succumbing to carb temptation, I might actually GET healthy!!!
bis spaeter!+

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