What do you get when you cross your son’s moving weekend with trial prep

INSANITY! OK, it’s almost 4 PM and in about 3 hours, most of our kid and two grandkids and two in-laws are coming to dinner. Of course, I am being ever so efficient by writing to this blog, right? Oh well, it won’t take long to clean up a little and throw a lasagna into the oven:) And when all is said and done, I figure it shouldn’t be too hard to catch up on the NY Times Book Review and crossword puzzle. After all, news, what’s news? Let’s get down to the important things. After a few glasses of wine, a good dinner, the dishes done and the kitchen clean (uh huh….) it’ll be time to take in the most recent episode of “The L Word” a Showtime series I love. Don’t ask me why – it’s kind of like Sex and the City – a lot of fluff and nonsense and a total escape from the reality of everyday life, right?
Cool thing today – after church, a bunch of us met with Nancy and a fellow named Munchnik (I think) about the feasibility of starting up a chamber orchestra that would have St. John’s as its base of operations. Exciting, heady stuff. But can we do it? Hope so!
Tomorrow it’s back to day 5 of what looks like it”s going to an 8-day TPR trial. Only the last three days will be in the middle of April. So, after tomorrow, I’ve got a little bit of time to regroup and think over how I can supplement the State’s case. Always a good thing. Stretching this out too far is not, however. I think the time frame is just right, though. So keep yer fingers crossed! In the evening, there’s a music committee meeting – about the changes the new rector wants (ALREADY??@!!!!!) in the music program. Yorg…..
Tuesday will be a permanency planning hearing for two little guys who should really be adopted by their Grandma. Their “father” is my least favorite – batterer type who should NEVER be allowed to procreate, IMHO. I’m pretty well prepared for that one, too. After court, I’m going to the dentist to get four teeth pulled (the only ones left up top) and get a denture put in. Believe it or not, I think it will actually look a lot better than the zig-zag goofy tooth look I’ve got going on now. It is a scary thought having to rely on anything non-biological, like glasses and fake teeth, but whaddya gonna do? Besides, I’ve had to rely on some serious antibiotics in the last twelve months and it will be nice to remove yet another cause of infection, n’est-ce-pas? Hopefully I won’t be in too much pain.
Wednesday is another hearing and mediation, then a meeting up in Harford County with a teenage client and her social work team later in the afternoon. And my lil sistah is coming to town – she’s about the same age as most of my kids, LOL. She’s a DJ – goes under the moniker of Empress and has already put out a Drum & Bass album. She’s made quite a name for herself in the US and abroad and travels a bit. It will be nice to see her and catch up. The kids will have a blast, too (my “kids” are 21 and over, LOL – probably should call them something other than “kids”). I also have EfM on Wednesday – but it will be a late night with Christina (a/k/a Empress) so I should head to Balto after it’s over. Should be fun Thursday for court, LOL. groan…. I am really showing my age now!
Friday is court and again, I have to be two places at once. And the client really really hates us:) Don’t you hate when that happens?
My biggest wish for this week is to be able to take a walk on Friday after court. With Nancy, with John, by myself, I don’t give a you-know-what. (Well, actually, I do a lot more moving and laughing with Nancy – sorry John – although I think I’m more John’s type, LOL) I just need to get some oxygen, sunshine and fresh air and get close to nature. For physical, mental and spiritual health.
Knitting? Well, I did get a little bit done on Madison’s sweater – the cable thingie – and started casting on for the cardigan I want so desperately to do – so where am I now? Project number 4,583? I think a very good goal for the balance of this year is to FINISH the projects I have started. Remember that UFO August blog? Boy have I ever backslid:) And loved every minute of it!
Here’s a pic of Madison’s sweater front – have decided to do bobbles on the front and not do them on the back. I really don’t like a lot of bobbles in a pattern – and they’re kind of a pain to lean on, so anyway…..

It’s getting there, bit by bit. Looking at this, it makes me realize how it will take probably ALL of this year to finish those projects. What a delightful thought:)

Well on to my chores:) Thank God I have someone to do them for:)



4 thoughts on “What do you get when you cross your son’s moving weekend with trial prep

  1. You are so kind! I will do the same for you and not just to be a copycat – your blogs are wonderful:)
    Take care and thanks again for your kind words:)

  2. You are so kind! I will do the same for you and not just to be a copycat – your blogs are wonderful:)
    Take care and thanks again for your kind words:)

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