Ok, I know, I know, it’s been awhile:)

Danny’s MIL sent us pics of a Buddy Jackson film shoot:) OK, OK, I know, I’m a foolish fan. He’s my son. Did you really expect me to be objective? After all, I knew him when he was a short person whom I loved to toss up in the air to the tune of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” So humor me already:) The weird scene with the pretty blue-eyed blond is Danny with his wife, Tori. Really kewl. Reminiscent of Martin Landau and Ms. Baine……

They look so professional:) Who knew?
They are having a good time and want to be a part of the DC scene. I hope they have all the success – they certainly are working hard enough for it!
Wow – last time I wrote, it was Sunday after that snow storm. Well, we had a week of Spring weather and now today yet another little snow swirls around Maryland- or at least my part of it!
I’m writing this tonight to finish up so I can get ready for tomorrow’s hearings and maybe even get up early tomorrow. Now THAT would be a minor miracle:).
Last week (tuesday), in the midst of the insanity that is currently my life, I got to go down to Annapolis and file a response to a motion a colleague filed in an appeal. New experience for me, but we won, so it was fun:)
I parked in the Naval Academy parking lot and was able to have a pleasant enough walk to the Courts of Appeal Building (first two pictured above). I stopped by the Department of Natural Resources display on the way, LOL. It was a nice little field trip, but not one I’d care to repeat for a single motion. It was worth the trip for the client, though. However, I still have a brief and argument to do in that case. More when that happens!
Wednesday and Thursday of last week were one long continuous day because I went to bed at 5 AM Thursday morning and was up at 7 for court. Stayed up until 11 because choir prx was until 9:30 or so. Friday after court (and a decent night’s sleep), I did some more walking with Nancy – it was a beautiful springlike day (so unlike our snow today, LOL). I did my share of huffing and puffing, but it was worth it. Now if only I could keep a lid on the carbs! Again, gotta be a grownup!
Madison and Ruby spent Friday night with us when Dori went out to a friend’s birthday party. Apparently Donald went, too. He actually got a leetle bit tipsy and spent the night for a while at our place, too, LOL. Good news – he’s moving back in! Let’s hope a little therapy and working through things will make it work this time! I’m very happy for both of them and glad we didn’t burn any bridges through this process.
Phew! thank God for that:)
Knitting? What’s that? I got through almost half of the back on Madison’s sweater. I think it’s turning out to be quite nice. It’s fun knitting an Aran piece in acrylic – and I really love the color:) It’s so cheerful! I have some yarn I am dying to work on a sweater for, but have to finish that baby blankie and Madison’s sweater and something for a friend’s birthday. Oh well, sometimes you just have to be a grownup:)
Sunday consisted of choir and church and a mentor service and luncheon. I am mentoring a high school studen named Maura (her father plays in the bell choir and sings in the choir when he can and her mother edits the church newsletter) who wants to take part in music ministry. She plays the flute and also plays in the junior bell choir. She is a really sweet girl and we found we agree on politics, left-leaning liberals seem to run in her family:) She talks about political discussions in school the way Sabrina does. Well, I’m not much of a musician, but we’ll figure something out. Maybe she can see the argument at the CSA. I’m not above making a total fool of myself in front of a high school student, wouldn’t be the first time – ask my kids, LOL:)
Later, the Maryland Boy Choir performed at an Evensong and Concert. They were amazing. I was hoping to have Madison come, but she was spending the day with Daddy, so it was not to be. I did sit with some friends from choir and EfM, which was a blast. Nancy did the readings and hosted it (as the Music Director). Rennie sat behind us and seemed to be enjoying himself, too. It was nice to see them having fun – gives me hope for the future, LOL.
Well, tomorrow is court, meeting up with a client and Choir and Friday is another fun-packed day of court. This weekend I’ll be visiting clients and preparing for the TPR taking place most of next week and one day into the next. Rah:) My to-do list is getting longer than I am wide!
Speaking of which (work, not my width), I’m getting back to work so I can have a decent night’s sleep tonight for a change! G’night!

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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