Well enough of all this selfishness!

Time to get down to some serious work! Today was very busy and stressful, but I got all the visits done I needed to and that was good. It’s late, but I want to get things ready for tomorrow so that I’m good to go in the morning. Don’t want to stay up too late, so this is going to be brief.

Had a shelter hearing this A.M. for a former client that the court decided was no longer our client (long story, but what a freakin’ waste of TIME!!), saw two clients in RTCs (Residential Treatment Centers) and two in a group home, all in the Baltimore City area, had a support staff meeting in our office across town and was going to go to Frederick to visit an independent living client, but we decided I’d just take him to a late brunch on Sunday:). I didn’t want to fall asleep at the wheel (awwww poor me!).

Got a chance to attend Ash Wednesday services – hadn’t done that in years if not decades! It was kind of nice, because I’m really getting to know the people at St. John’s. I feel very lucky to have the sense of community in that place. The only thing that was a shame was John wasn’t there (not Saint John, the human one I’m married to). He is doing his double duty thing. I am completely exhausted right now and I cannot imagine having to do 15 hours every workday. I’d go nuts. But that’s the way he is – he is the kind of guy who would do without so his kids could have decent shoes. They don’t make many like that any more – at least I don’t see ’em in my line of work, LOL!

Work has been extremely stressful. An additional 50 percent added to the workload and the responsibility of supervising a newbie attorney don’t help – although the clients – and the new attorney – are all delightful! Last night I sat down and just couldn’t even deal with work anymore. Did paperwork get done? Oh no – I started Madison’s sweater. It looks like it’s going to be OK.

Anyway, I’m going to set it as a goal for the next six weeks to get as many of those projects DONE before Lent is over. And I am going to focus on those projects that are for others, in particular the baby blanket, the aforementioned sweater for Madison, the log cabin afghan (Mason-Dixon) and the Prayer Shawl for the PSM. Enough of the selfishness! I don’t know how my family puts up with my crap sometimes.

Well, that was my Lenten series beginning:) As I get things done, I’ll post pics. Speaking of which, here’s one of our oldest daughter, Kristin, sitting next to our youngest granddaughter, Ruby, playing at the piano we will have to pay someone to take away. But ’tis cute nonetheless!


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