It Fits:)!!!

Whoo Hoo! Ruby likes her sweater and the timing is right for a change:) She came into the house and couldn’t stop moving! But she likes her sweater:) I don’t give that plaid ribbon another five minutes, though, LOL. Madison was just a little jealous, so Grammy’s making her one in this (also machine washable, of course!).

Had a lovely day yesterday. We sang Vivaldi’s Gloria at two services. It really came together beautifully (o me of little faith). One of the soloists, Alison, is a knitter. She’s sung solo for the Gloria last year (see 2/06) and has a beautiful mezzo soprano voice. I first met Alison when another fellow chorister, Diane L., kindly took me with her when she and Alison sang in the Concert Artists of Baltimore’s performance of Handel’s Messiah, conducted by Edward Polochick . She brought her knitting along then. We had a brief chance to talk about knitting. She’s actually taking a class at one of my three favorite LYSs on fair isle design! How cool is that?
When the services were over, about 9 of us went to lunch at Clyde’s. I was so sorry John couldn’t make it – it’s our place for all one-on-one meals (as those of you married with kids will definitely understand:)) It was a fun, uproarious, totally ADHD conversation. I just love Nancy and Rennie – her DH. They are a very interesting and lovely couple.
By the time I was done with lunch, it was time to get to the supermarket to get dinner for the family. I made a really tasty chicken cacciatore (also low-carb) and had a nice dinner with the kids. Unfortunately three glasses of wine later, I was ready for bed by 9PM. Got up at 9 then off to a meeting this morning at the office with Michael, Pat and Nancy E., our new client visiting person and to meet with Michael to prep for tomorrow’s staff meeting. He is so good – he has a real talent for management – God love him. I don’t have that talent, am more of a motivator, I hope and do better in the one-on-one situations. (Hope those don’t become famous last words!).
Well, I’m home now and I want to do four basic things for the remainder of my day:
1)Get calendar onto paper organizer and clean up my desk;
2)Prep for the rest of the week;
3)Start Madison’s sweater (I know, I know, another UFO, but it’s for my dear little granddaughter:))
Auf Wiedersehen!
Au revoir!
Dos cvidania!
Until we meet again!


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