Odds and Ends

Well, let’s see now, where were we? Oh yeah, no time for so much as sleeping or going to the you-know-what. Well, the next day couldn’t have been drearier. Here’s the view from the Baltimore Beltway on my way home from court on Tuesday around noontime.
And here’s the view out the front and back doors of home. Between court and home, I made a quick stop to Barnes & Noble to cash in a gift cert for my birthday (couldn’t help it – it kept burning a hole in my pocket:)). Got a glycemic index book for a diabetic client and a card for another client to congratulate her on her excellent grades:) Didn’t neglect myself unfortunately -Lord I am so selfish! Got a copy of Meg Swanson’s a Gathering of Lace. It’s one of those books that I think will be, if it isn’t already, a classic. Also got the recent edition of Piecework because they had a knitting issue. One of the articles were on Swedish two-ended knitting – was very interesting.
After getting home, I was able to take the evening (as meetings fell off and closings started hitting the airwaves one after the other) to update calendar and reassign cases (sigh).
Wednesday was more of the same – could not even get out of the driveway for all the ice. Was supposed to have a dinner meeting with the grandparents of two young clients, but it was not to be – rescheduled for today instead. I was able to get a dent into my paperwork, so all was not lost. But a mediation will need to be reset and I have no idea when I’ll have the time, LOL.
Thursday was a full docket day – as was Friday. Thursday was choir rehearsal and we were positively abysmal. The soloists were wonderful of course and please pardon me, but it seems there were numerous occasions for extra rehearsals that the Boss offered and few took her up on. Not that I was so wonderful, believe me. In fact the extra rehearsals probably brought me up from putrid to everyone else’s abysmal. But we did have a nice time afterwards with a surprise baby shower for Rachel E., our very pregnant soprano. It’s nice to have that kind of fun stuff going on and babies are soooo cool:)
On Friday, I stopped by one of my favorite LYSs
just to browse. And I was very good. Only got a pattern booklet (only!). I got gift certs for my birthday from a couple of friends to get some knitting supplies, but from online sources. Plus I have quite a decent stash and needed to check that first. I want to knit this:

And boy does it look complicated. And I have a gazillion projects pending. But I checked my stash and I have 12 skeins of this:

Not too different, is it?Maybe a little cooler, but for me, that’s OK.
It needed 9 skeins of this:
And 1 skein each of this: And just got these on general principles:
And some needles to round out the picture. There were some items on sale and it didn’t hurt to bring up the balance to avoid shipping charges. All of this from Knitpicks.com – and it was a little less than the gift cert total.

Am also awaiting this from Elann

Despite this embarassment of selfish riches, I have completed a project:

Ruby’s sweater is finally done – we’ll see tomorrow if it will fit her. It should – I tested it against her at the shoulders. Sent these pics to her mommy and she approves, so the child may actually wear the thing. Poor kid, LOL!

This evening I visited a couple of clients – very young twins living with their grandparents – some very nice people who probably didn’t bargain on raising their grandangels, but who nonetheless are doing so with grace and love, and of course a bit of anger. But they are also dealing with what they have to deal with. I’ve never met such mindful people in my life. Days like today the job gives me so much more than I give it!

Well, tomorrow will be a double dose of Vivaldi and I for one cannot wait:) This morning, when I was upstairs in the choir loft at dress rehearsal, I sat listening to the soloists and the professional instrumentalists (including Nancy, of course, at the organ) singing and playing, I was quiet for a bit (unusual for smartass me), and closed my eyes. I thought how this was one of those moments of peace and joy that transcends life’s ups and downs. I leaned over and said to Alison, one of the other female tenors, “do you think Heaven is like this?” She responded, “I don’t know, but if it is, don’t you want to go there?” I nodded through tears. Again, unusual for smartass me! What a beautiful experience it was! Not the performance, but the process. I really think that some of the composers have that spark of creativity that came from God at the beginning of time. OK, I’m not very articulate today, but that’s the best I can do. It was an experience beyond words for me and I thank God for it:) Yes, GodasBBL:)

Bis morgen!


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