Look what they’ve done to my shawl, Ma or Nina as Baby Blankie

With the advent of a new great niece I decided it was time to knit something (as if I didn’t already have a gazillion projects a humming in the house…) Anyhoo, I thought I’d use the Nina Shawl pattern. I love all the M-D patterns, but this one is especially cute and quite adaptable to a baby blanket. I’m hemming the ends and will be sewing on a bit of cotton flannel to the back to cover the not-so-hot bits and knitting in cotton yarn (darling baby Kate lives in San Diego). My only hope is the thing doesn’t get too wild, but then what else are crazy great aunts for if not a little wildness, right?

The first picture is in an earlier stage of development and it appears to be suitably conservative, (right). Well, here we are now, adding BLUE to a baby girl blanket (hey, no sexists here!)

So far, it’s a bunch of fun:)
More to come as I progress with this thing,
Take care,
Joan in Ellicott City, MD


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Fiona says:


  2. Danielle says:

    Get crazy, remember babies love pattern and color! Looks wonderful so far, keep us posted.

  3. Stephanie B. says:

    Looks great, and I agree that all girl babies should have some blue and boys should have something else!!!

  4. kb says:

    Amazing! I love the nina pattern and the multicoloured approach is wonderful. Blankie of many colours…!

  5. butterflyanla says:

    Melanie would be proud,can’t believe no one else commented on the lyric reference. love the shawl/blanket.

  6. FugueStateKnits says:

    Melanie – and let us not forget Glory Glory Psychotherapy…..:)

  7. Jknits says:

    What a fantastic idea for a baby blankie. Babies love color and it will be great even as she grows.

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