It’s a New Week

Hello:) I feel like it’s been forever since posting. Let’s see, when last we left our story, I was getting ready for Thursday’s court and a fairly hectic weekend. So true. Thursday, I had court in the morning and went to the park for a walk. After changing in the courthouse bathroom, I was dressed (or so I thought) warmly enough for a nice long walk. Nope. By the time I got around the loop on the east side of the park, I was so cold I had to leave. I gave it the old college try and probably burned a few calories, but nowhere near as many as I needed to.

The weather was cloudy and bleak and as I approached the north side of the pond, the wind started whipping up and the temperature dropped about ten degrees! Then I saw a red fox scurrying away in the underbrush. That did it for me. Those critters carry rabies. I was out of there..

Stopped off at the local LYS and got some additional hot pink yarn for the borders on the baby blanket. Also picked up a German knitting mag called OnLine. The articles and picture captions were in German. Funny how you can figure out what things mean and start remembering lost vocabulary when you read something like a magazine or newspaper. I took a look through a German dictionary to be sure I had surmised correctly and I had. Masche (“masha”) means stitch in knitting. Stricken means to knit. Stricknadel means knitting needle. Zopf means literally “braid,” but refers to cable knitting.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI’ve also been doing some work on and off on a scarf from Scarf Style in a very simple lace pattern. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy youngest daughter has her eye on it – too feminine for John, I’m afraid. He would prefer something in black anyway.
When I got home from my half-walk and a brief foray into the LYS, I came home to snow:)

Thursday was a fun choir practice. Friday, I had the afternoon docket, and then came home and drove to Washington to see my Dad, Maureen, John, Kristin, Sonny, Dori, Betsy, Danny and Tori, Sabrina, JoAnna and Tori’s parents, John and Lisa for a before dinner drink/semi dinner (its a long story), to see Danny’s play at the Rorschach theatre (Rude Magic – he plays Ariel, the evil son of the evil Prospero (from The Tempest). But it wasn’t the Tempest. The basis of the play was that this magician/dramaturg could call forth the physical beings of characters from Shakespeare plays. It was a drama, a comedy and also a horror show. Hard to follow? Yep. But Dan did a great job with his part.

Thanks to Lisa L., Tori’s Mom, for the shots of the play at the theayter. Danny is the tall, evil-looking dude in the long pants & skirt, with fangs:) For a better view, you can see his sitcom work at
Afterwards, another dinner (another long story) and drinking and talking into the night. John (bless his heart) got everyone rooms, so we were able to crash at about 2 AM.

Unfortunately, the wake up call was for 6 AM so we could get up and out in time for John and Dori to get to our house to get the grandangels and for me to get to the Discovery weekend lunch preparations with the choir. I actually made it out of DC in 45 minutes. Thank God for Saturday AM traffic and a GPS system:)
It was fun hanging out with my choir buds and singing old rock and roll hits while we made sandwiches for the kids. Afterwards, there was a bunch of food left over, and some money, so they donated the 50 bucks or so to their (the youth group’s) pilgrimage trip, which made some good sense. Afterwards, Nancy and I had a good walk in the park. I was grateful for her company and crazy sense of humor and good conversation. It made the time go much faster!
Then I left for beautiful downtown Middle River to attend my firm’s holiday party (December was too insane, remember we didn’t even know if we’d have jobs at this point?) We all had a lovely time.
Then home. Then back to DC for dinner again with “Grandpa Ingram.” This time, John had to work, Danny had his opening night (I think- we attended a preview), and Kristin and Sonny had somewhere else they had to be. But Dori brought Madison and Ruby and Tori, Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna arranged to meet up with them. I joined them toward the end of the dinner but we pretty much took this little restaurant over. It was in Arlington, just across Rte 1 from their hotel in Crystal City. It was nice having the “after dinner dinner” and having a real conversation. Dori and the girls left because Ruby wasn’t feeling well and it was past Madison’s bedtime, but I was so glad they got to see their great grandparents:) It was nice to see the “kids” (they’re adults!) open up with their Grandparents. They have more in common with them than with John and me sometimes. Isn’t that always the way? Or so it seems sometimes. I drove them back to their hotel afterwards and then back home. In my own bed. Rah.
This morning was a brief talk about an aspect of the music program given by the music director, Nancy S. The choir demonstrated a few types of chant. It was actually very interesting and it did my heart good to see passion and intelligence tied up into one talented woman. And wonder of wonders, when it was time to go back and sing for the service who was there but John! And the roof didn’t cave in! No red lights, civil service alarms, no “stay in your homes….” He actually came to my church and received Communion with me. It was really nice to have him there. Lest one think that I criticize him, please understand I am merely joking. John works 15-hour days five days a week, 40 of those hours being the night or graveyard shift. He is barely conscious most Sunday mornings when I am at a choir service. He just happened to be off from the night shift job last night and I caught him on a good morning, LOL.
After church, we went to the Center Club Christmas party. I always have fun at those because the people who work there are so nice and down to earth. They are so nice to me that I cannot help but have a good time. The wine with the meal was unbelievably good. I didn’t drink a lot, but enjoyed it all the more because I could savor the good stuff. It didn’t hurt that one of our table mates was the wine expert:)
After the party, John and I went to Best Buy where he cashed in on a gift certificate he got from the hotel for Christmas and bought a really nice set of earphones for his iPod and a DVD of The Illusionist. We got a bottle of wine recommended by Bob M of the choir. A small bottle just to savor the good stuff as stated previously:) We watched the movie with Kristin and Sonny (they came over later in the evening). The night should have ended well, but I was overtired and John was a little cranky himself and poof! Good stuff all for naught. It seems we always have stupid fights when we have a good day. God forbid we should feel good about enjoying ourselves! When I get that one figured out, I’ll let you know and share the secret:)
Now it is about 2 AM. I will try to creep back into bed and get some real sleep this time. It’s been a long weekend and the week ahead looks to be busy. I hope to get some walking in and stay on track with the carbs. Shouldn’t be too hard with the wonderful friends I have helping me. Wish I could give some of that back. Good night and God bless.

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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