Hey, just writing to do a quick catch up on the week. Today, I will be getting ready for Court Thurs and Friday and preparing for the insane weekend coming up! I have finally gotten my calendar back in place on the computer – now need to update the paper thing. I will never trust electronics again! Guess I’m too old:)
For the knitters who frequent this blog, my apologies – but fear not:) – I do have a knitting pic – am attending my church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry in another 1/2 hour, so the day is not lost:)
Here’s my progress thus far:

One skein down and two to go. Not much done after November and the Christmas frenzy. So today I get to have a little yarn therapy.

But you know what’s really really nice? Ever reach into the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in a while only to find (no, not used tissues!) that twenty-dollar bill you thought you’d lost. Sweet, huh? Well, I had that experience today. Only it wasn’t money. When I went to get the bag with the Prayer Shawl project in it, and reached down to get it out (to take the picture you see here), I found this:

Four little cashmere beauties, kind of green, kind of plum, kind of sweet:) I remember buying them for a shawl or scarf or something and remember putting them away, but not in that bag. Huh…. Now I keep thinking of the soft lovely scarf I want to make. Ahhhh. But I. must. finish. projects. I’m. still. working. on.

Tomorrow I have court in the morning and Ann, hopefully will cover the afternoon docket. If her cold doesn’t get any worse, that is! If I can get off early, I will go to the park for another life-affirming LONG walk:) Even if it is cold. Once I get moving, the cold doesn’t bother me (famous last words, LOL).

Then, tomorrow evening is choir (yippeee:)) and Friday after work, I’m heading to DC for dinner and a play. Dinner with my Dad and stepmother from NY and a play that my son, Danny is performing in. All the kids, their significant others, and a couple of in-laws, are joining us beforehand for dinner. And the family is getting together afterwards for drinks and light fare and conversation, so it looks like it will be a long evening:)

Next morning, up at dawn to get home for the grandmunchkins. Then I’m off to make sandwiches for my church’s youth Discovery Weekend. Then of course my firm is having its holiday party this Saturday afternoon. And John’s work’s holiday party is Sunday afternoon. I will be ready for work on Monday if only to get the break, LOL!

Well, I am getting some knitting in tonight. Gotta finish that baby blankie before baby Kate has her first prom!



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