And the roller coaster ride continues

Today was court. Not too eventful, except the one contested case that ended appropriately. I had promised a co-worker an eyelash scarf to wear with work clothes and so decided to check out Michaels. Sure enough – massive sale:) so I was a little bit bad:) Seriously, it cost very little – 2 bucks a skein and I only got a few:) And a Knitter’s magazine. I’m set for a few days – not that I’ll have time to do all I want. Work doth beckon, you know!
Then I went home and let’s just say it was downhill from there. John has had bad news every time he’s gone to the dr. A few days ago, the shattered disk, yesterday, a referral to the Wilmer Eye Clinic at Johns Hopkins and today, after a nerve test (something done with needles) the doc finds peripheral neuropathy. Then Dori calls and tells me she needs further tests done for an “irregular” Pap. That and the hernia surgery she needs convinces her she’s not going to live out the year. Her baby is yelling at her in the background and her big girl needs an IEP and services. Badly. I think it’s a broken heart. Parenting alone cannot be good for either her or Donald. And I don’t know how to make enough money to take care of all of them. And I so want to do that.
Tonight was choir practice – time with other grownups (sort of:)) like Bob and Ann and Russ and another Ann, and Barry and Susan and Nancy, dear sweet Nancy. Solace and joy.
Sorry, things kind of hit me at night, when things are quiet and I start to feel the effects of the day. So, excuse me, whilst I turn to God. And while I’m at it, please bless that person who has been e-mailing me and give her?/him? the right path to go. And please heal my beloved family.
Good night, angels!

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