Wednesday, blessed Wednesday:)

No, I’m not posting any to-dos here, but I will be doing a lot ‘o stuff today before EFM. I will have the opportunity to really see if that GPS thingie works when I go to an ITP meeting (Individual Treatment Plan) meeting and then to visit two clients. Then maybe will be driving someone to a church function this evening while I go to EFM. So that’s kind of cool.

Last night John, Betsy, Sabrina and I went to dinner at Carrabbas – cashing in on a couple of gift cards. I think everyone else in Ellicott City and the surrounding area had the same idea. The place was packed – and it was a Tuesday evening! I was moderately “good” but did indulge a bit on the carbs (and vino). Back in the saddle today.

At some point, I’m taking a walk in the park, freezing or not….

It’s a beautiful day today. And I have so much to do. Thank God:)

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