Scarves – a whole bunch of ’em

I just find them so relaxing – and I’ve found a new use for sock yarn, LOL! I have decided to forego all sock knitting. Just cannot get behind it. I know that’s anathema to my fellow knitting addicts, but there you go. That’s me. If I’m buying beautiful yarn, it’s NOT going on my (or anyone else’s) stinky old feet. That’s what long skirts are for, LOL. I think it’s my issue with socks in general. They make me feel like my toes are suffocating. Oh, the field day Freud would have with that one!
Here are some examples of what I’m working on lately (did you think I’d just be doing one???)
As you can see, the first two make use of Bernat Matrix component yarn with a little sparkle and either a brightly colored Micro Spun or some simple Red Heart black yarn the one on the right is a vivid combination of blues and greens (just a little too faded with this phone camera) in a sock yarn I just fell in love with. It won’t be a large scarf, just a little something to wear with a suit. Why not…..
This week has been very lazy. Tomorrow I’m back to church and I’ve also been invited to a New Year’s Eve party at the neighbors’ home. Perfect – right next door and they’re very nice, so it should be fun. This is the first time (barring last year, of course!) that I’ve been at a New Year’s Eve celebration outside of the house in years! John’s job always has him working that night – it’s the hotel business, after all. But then, he’s not one for the New Year’s Eve stuff; he gets melancholy. I tend to look forward to things – at least I still do. Hope that doesn’t change!
Then Tuesday a number of places are closed for President Ford’s funeral at the National Cathedral. But I’ll be back doing visits in preparation for a crazy Thursday and Friday.
If I don’t write anything tomorrow or Monday, Happy New Year to everyone! May it bring all good things to you!

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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