And the countdown continues!

You should and could be the zodiac’s premier networker in 2007. The connections you foster and the deals you broker can save the world–or at least your local segment of the world. In order to pull it all off with maximum effectiveness, you should also be the zodiac’s premier fun-maker. Throw parties, tell jokes, and constantly invite people to play harder and take themselves less seriously. What can you do to prepare for this destiny? Start by getting yourself holiday gifts that will help you fulfill your assignments. How about installing a backyard water park, for instance? (Neiman-Marcus offers such a thing in its Christmas catalog.) Or about some comedy lessons from a person like the humor coach in the film Borat? Happy Holy Daze, Aquarius!
Now THERE’s a horoscope I can get behind:)

I sure hope these are going to be “before” pictures! You don’t even see the mess the living room is in:)

Of course, the daughter and grandangels are perfect just as they are – and the tree, well, what’s Christmas without a drunken angel on top of the tree, right?
It’s been a little while since I posted. Wednesday evening we had our EfM dinner at Clydes in Columbia (John’s and my favorite restaurant). Had a blast. It was nice to spend the evening socializing:)
Wednesday, I foolishly stayed up until 5 AM to put a huge dent in that sweater’s progress, but then had court at 9, so I was up at 7. DOH! Luckily, nothing in the afternoon.
The sweater is is finally done and was delivered Thursday evening practice. Did not do much blocking because there just wasn’t time. Don’t even know if Nancy has seen it yet because it was at the bottom of the gift bag I practically threw in her general direction before choir prax – she is terribly busy this time of year, so who knows. Thursday night’s practice was with the Bay Street Brass ensemble for the Christmas Eve services. They practice in the church, and they do this for us gratis at Christmas. We are singing the first movement of the Rutter Gloria and an original piece by Robert Lichtenberger, a church member who composed for the US Army Band. It’s a lively piece called Hodie Christus Natus Est (Today Christ is Born) and it is so melodically and rhythmically lively – a celebration all its own. It is a bit daunting to sing a piece for the actual composer, though. I think we’re ready – or as ready as we’ll ever be! I think our rehearsal was just fine. I’m hoping things are OK with the “boss,” though.
On the work front, our newest attorney was sworn in officially last week and is now a member of the Maryland Bar. She will do well, I am sure. So, I’ve got some cases to transfer and some mentoring to do in the next year. I will follow her career with interest in any event. Things are a little different under the new contract, but not much. Hopefully the final legalities will go off well. We shall see….
On the home front, I am not ready for Christmas, but getting there. John has one gift, I have an idea for a second and the rest is anybody’s guess. Thankfully, he’s the only one remaining for whom I have to shop. Spent about 10 hours yesterday at Arundel Mills Mall and Safeway supermarket – and do you believe I still need to pick up 6 pounds of butter, Hershey kisses, candy canes (we use ’em to decorate the tree after Santa’s arrival) and the wine and vodka?
Also need to do about 6 loads of wash, vacuum everything, clean everything and cart the sh*tload of boxes and crap down to the basement until we pack up the tree again. Have to find the tree skirt and the Nativity and hang up the stockings (with care, mind you….).
Tonight I need to bake a banana bread or two for Christmas morning and I think Sabrina’s going to bake cookies. Although I certainly don’t need all the carbs and calories, it’s a nice warm feeling to come into a house where holiday baking is happening!
When John leaves for work tonight, I’ll get the wrapping done (let’s hope:))
Dori and the grandangels are going to be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us. It will be exciting having little ones in the house again waiting for Santa! But this also means we have to hide a lot of gifts and be discreet again!
I love Christmas!

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