Merry Christmas a little early:)

Well, if I don’t screw up too badly, it looks like I may be employed for yet a while longer. We just learned today that we were awarded the contract for Baltimore City and County and my dear friend and colleague Connie was awarded the contract again for Carroll and Howard Counties. What a great way to end the day – and the year! It’s funny, I was at Connie’s annual Christmas/Holiday luncheon with Ann and Ellen and Connie D and Sabrina and I was thinking about how wonderful Connie and Darlene both are – not just as attorneys, but as human beings – and how blessed I have been to know them and work for them (at one point for both of them, LOL). Often I think of Connie in the same manner as Ebenezer Scrooge nostalgically thought of “old Fezziwig” the jolly fellow who knew how to keep Christmas. OK, Connie’s a lot more attractive than that, LOL, but she has a good heart. The kids we represent know that. I could not even begin to list her kindnesses to me and my family, let alone the passion with which she does her work. Same thing with Darlene, although Darlene’s exterior can appear tougher, inside she’s a mushy marshmallow. And, people, these are LAWYERS! Anyway, the thought of someone else getting the contract they had worked so well on was anathema to me. Would we all have survived? Sure. But this was the best result and I am thrilled to say the least!
OK back to my regularly scheduled life – but this time with gratitude:)
Remember that sweater I was knitting over the weekend? Well I finished the back and now am beginning the second half of the front (remember, the first half of both sides was knit in the round. I may just finish this thing before Christmas:)
When in one of my favorite LYS’s , I saw this lovely scarf. It used those laddery types of component yarns with a regular simple yarn and what a lovely effect! So after I’m done with this sweater, I’m knitting up 2 or 3 scarves that way. Will post when started and done.
No pics right now, just had to get this great news out there! I am so happy!

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