Sing a song of praise to Alma Mater dear…..

>posted 12/07/06 @ 10:27 AM EST
Dear Professor Moss: Thank you for articulating what so many of us, straight and gay, have believed to be the case with the Rehnquist Chair. Let’s take the argument a step futher: Would not all right-thinking people of all races object to the founding of a Taney chair? After all, he penned the Dred Scott decision. Shouldn’t we be equally tolerant of those (sadly still extant in this world) who believe in the enslavement of other human beings? Many years ago, when I was attending Law School at the University of Maryland, one of my contract law professors (William Reynolds) made it clear that ethics and morality was not just a relative thing – even for lawyers. Sometimes a thing simply does not pass the smell test. The Rehnquist Chair at my beloved Middlebury College does not. As a brief PS, I thought you might be interested that this Monday, December 4, 2006, oral arguments were heard before the Maryland Court of Appeals. The statute in Maryland saying that marriage is just between a man and a woman was struck down by a courageous trial judge (Hon. Brooke Murdock)as unconstitutional. Unlike many of our sister states, Maryland has an Equal Rights Amendment. Judge Murdock’s reasoning was that saying the current marriage statute equally burdened men and women was akin to the miscegenation statute in Loving v. Virginia, which, arguably, equally burdened people of all races. Her opinion and a webcast of the oral argument can be found here. It’s history in the making. Unlike many of my colleagues, I am optimistic about the outcome and am looking forward to the day when we have a Robert Bell Chair at Middlebury (although I frankly do not know what his opinion will be). Chief Judge Bell was a central figure in the civil rights movement in the 60s and was represented by Thurgood Marshall. Now THAT’s a name we could use for a Middlebury Chair:) Thanks for letting me ramble and please know that there are a number of alumni who share your opinion. P. J(I) G Midd 1976


OK, so now you know my opinion. I’m not shy about it, either. It’s an opinion that’s been a long way in the making.

Today was a good day, I think. Court this afternoon went OK despite my saying just that one thing too many. Luckily it didn’t really impact the client, LOL. Not even gonna say what it was. After court, I was HUNGRY 4 PM and hadn’t eaten all day, so that was not unreasonable:)
I decided to go to a place in Greenspring Station where I used to work about 10 years ago. It’s a bakery, but I didn’t buy any carbs, believe it or not. They make the best tuna salad, so I had some of that with some Chai tea. A couple sat down next to me. At first I really tried to tune them out, but as I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation, I realized they were people I was starting to like. We started talking -about the last election, who we thought was going to run for Prez in ’08, etc. It was kind of fun and totally out of the blue. We had a really interesting conversation. I introduced myself and they themselves. Mark and Elaine.
As I hit the good old Balto Beltway to head home, I noticed I had forgotten to take my phone off silent (DOH!). One of my daughters, a former client, and Nancy had called. My daughter needed a sitter, but tonight was choir prx, so I couldn’t. The former client I did not call because I need to find him a new lawyer (my current firm does not allow outside prx of law!). Nancy called me back – looking for company at dinner between 5:30 and 6:30. Of course I was game, but because I had eaten lunch so late, I figured I’d just have some soda and tea. And of course it was enjoyable.
Nancy went back to the church to practice with Diane and the children’s choir and I went home to change for (adult) choir. Tonight we had an amazing practice. Nancy is tough when we are under the gun, but we get so much done. More prx on Sat., which will be excellent. Choir is my main social life – what can I say? Even if I am a switch hitter (alto to tenor, that is…). EfM is running a close second.
Tomorrow should be relatively quiet – will finish my Wed. to-do list (!!!), go to the office and get my paperwork done and then I am going to a Christmas office party of a colleague.
The fair isle is moving along. I am bound and determined to have it done by Christmas!
Right now I am so tired and I am trying to ignore the feverish feelings, stuffy nose and cough, so I think I’ll go to bed and get up early to do the dishes or maybe get the kids to do them:)


Aquarius Horoscope for week of December 7, 2006
One of my relatives who was born under the sign of Aquarius once locked herself in her art studio for six months and painted 20 giant canvases all with the same theme: hurricanes extinguishing forest fires. Then she went through a phase when she specialized in painting punk angels with tattered wings swooping down to give birthday cakes and balloons to bums in junkyards. After that she emerged fully into the world again and lived her life in a way that resembled the paintings she’d been doing. She acted like a metaphorical hurricane as she put out metaphorical forest fires, and she went around helping the underprivileged while styling herself in the persona of a punk angel. She’s your role model for the coming weeks, Aquarius. It will be a great time to translate your eccentric dreams and private fantasies into practical actions.
Good night Angels!

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