I sure hope it doesn’t come to this

No word yet on the contract. I sure do not want to go through the fun and frolic of hanging out
my own shingle! G*d help us! Gee, you think I’m focusing on knitting to avoid thinking about being homeless in January? (Oh, Joan, stop awfulizing!)
So far today I’ve gotten “nothing” done. I have shamelessly knitted and knitted because I want to get to the colorwork on the Fair Isle sweater. Remember those pics from a couple of days ago? First of all, the colors were “bluer” than they really are. Second, the warmer colors were too “autumnal” for the Spring person for whom I’m knitting. So, third, I went out and got a few skeins of yarn in colors I think are more like her. It’s going to be a wild bunch of colors, but they really work well together, I think. Here’s a pic:
Now, again, what appears to be a lovely blue beginning of the body is actually a love turquoise and the yellow is more golden and the pale green is a bit darker and warmer, as is that light blue, but the peachy orange and the lavender are just what the doctor ordered. I have about 10 more rows until I get to the fair isle chart and I am psyched!

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