I Can’t Believe it’s November

and going to be 71 degrees today! Who says there’s no global warming? Oh, yeah, the people who just got their heads handed to them in the last election. OK, sorry. It was a close election here in Maryland, so I shouldn’t be so arrogant as to assume that couldn’t change in a heartbeat. It’sContinue reading “I Can’t Believe it’s November”

I love this horoscope site – and I have trouble believing in astrology:)

But how can you argue with this?: In 1945, violinist Yehudi Menuhin and pianist Benjamin Britten played theirmusic for the recently freed inmates of the Belsen concentration camp inGermany. I urge you to make them your role models in the coming week. Give agenerous sampling of your finest talents to those less fortunate than you,Continue reading “I love this horoscope site – and I have trouble believing in astrology:)”

Update on Paradox? Looking forward to this weekend

Wow – pretty soon I am going to have to re-name this blog “FugueState” and forget the knits altogether. I think I got about 2 rows done on Sabrina’s scarf. Not a lot, but then I am recuperating from last weekend and getting ready for this one. Normally I do my silly to-do list onlineContinue reading “Update on Paradox? Looking forward to this weekend”