OK – I couldn’t resist doing one of these traffic thingies and probably will do more:). Wish the sticks were in my hands more often these days, but between evaluations, visits, court and paperwork, and a cold that knocked me down more than I care to admit, it’s been difficult. Am almost done with Brie’s scarf – really I am. In fact, I can’t wait to be done with it. I only hope it’s long enough – am knitting it on circs horizontally – cast on about 300 sts – will know soon enough:) The pictures below show my progress. I am about an inch away from finishing.

The picture on the bottom is the best representation of the actual color – and the close-up view of the “right” side. I attempted to make this at least somewhat reversible, so I knit in Moss stitch, twisted dropped stitches and on the eight or so cable rows, used the two filler reverse stockinette stitches as mini cables on the “back.” It may just turn out OK. I’d estimate about another two rows of moss, one more row twisted dropped stitch, four rows of moss and then two of garter to finish. It’s hard to get an idea of what the actual length will be since I’m unwilling to take all the stitches off the needle. But with blocking, it should be ok. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to knit a scarf, LOL!
Quick shout out to anyone I haven’t sent this to via e-mail. My son, Danny, is involved in an online pilot sitcom called Buddy Jackson . It’s actually pretty cool. It does get a little racier as the weeks progress. There’s a new episode every Monday of these 5-minute vignettes. He appears to be overacting, but that’s his character. Hope you enjoy it. He was in a reading of a play in Arlington Tues. evening, but I couldn’t make it unfortunately. He and his wife, Tori, are both aspiring actors. I give them credit for going after their dreams. They will never have to say they didn’t give it a shot.
Yesterday consisted of a mediation that worked out well, a meeting with former foster parents of a client who are remaining in his life (good people who care – a blessing to the world, IMHO), a visit with a new client who has been dealing with Type I diabetes since she was 7 (she’s now 15) and EFM.
Today is court this afternoon, but before that happens, I have to get into the office (!!!).
This evening we are off to a choir “field trip.” We’re singing at another church’s celebration, which should be fun. Friday is a quiet day – one client visit, some calls and lunch (I hope) with a dear friend. Saturday the choir is christmas caroling at a couple of nursing homes. I just love this time of year:)!!!
Well, off to work!

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