Oh Shit……

Goose bumps and burning sensations coursed through me as I meditated on your upcoming adventures. From what I can tell, your rambles will be both spooky and fulfilling. They’ll knock you on your ass and lift your spirits, sometimes at the same time. They’ll give you almost more blessings than you can handle, even as they invite you to take on responsibilities that will give you the chance to be a hero. Are you ready to have your certainties challenged in the most useful ways possible?


Well, considering that this week has been pretty ordinary, except for a few minor changes in plans brought on by the death of a colleague’s mother, this is telling me I’m in for an interesting ride next week if all this astrology stuff is true. But my experience has been that it is either always true or never true or just sometimes gets it right. Which tells me nothing, really:)

All that aside, I cannot help but feel I’m on the verge of a breakthrough of sorts. Can’t quite explain why, but I do believe that my “gut” is fairly reliable, probably more than some generic, albeit well intended horoscope.



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