Annapolis or Off to See the Wizard

Or the Intermediate Appellate Wizard, a/k/a The Maryland Court of Special Appeals. After sleeping all the way to 7:30 (gasp!), I hopped in the shower, got dressed, grabbed my cellphone, purse, directions and the remains of a bottle of water and drove down to the Maryland Courts of Appeal Building. Connie had oral argument in the “F” case – No, I’m not trying to be cute and delete an expletive, “F” is the first initial of the clients’ last names. We waited through arguments on 3 other cases and the most active questioner of the three-judge panel was Judge Murphy and boy was he tough! Connie thinks I was just being nice, but she did very well. It was hard to rein in the emotions when she got up and said, “Your Honors, I am Constance R____ and I have been in this case since 1999.” They had some good questions for her on the mother’s side of the appeal, and I frankly think Connie held her own! They didn’t argue the father’s side of the appeal, because his counsel opted to submit on the brief, so the Clerk’s office informed them that the father was “S.O.B.” How appropriate! Why all this interest in a case that was never mine? Well, other than helping out a little with the brief, I’m going to have a couple of appeals coming down the pike, so it will be my turn to sweat like hell:) I teased Connie and told her she wasn’t a virgin any more. We had a good laugh over that one. We went to lunch at Macaroni Grill – soup and salad was really good – but then we were so hungry that franks and beans would have tasted like a gourmet meal:)
Got home, returned a few calls and then had these great intentions of studying EFM, but got engrossed in a movie – Aimee and Jaguar – a very tragic and strangely true love story. It was about 2 women, but I decided to watch it because (1) it was in German and I actually understood it and (2) the plot could not have been stranger because one woman was a German Berliner under the Nazi regime and the other a Jew hiding from the Nazi regime. In fact, she doesn’t disclose her status as a Jew until very late in the movie. Interesting because I always wondered how day-to-day life was at that time – cannot imagine how it would be for those two! Yikes!
So I did not study EFM – probably would have been better for me to do that, but I will get up early tomorrow AM and do it. Then it’s the usual manic Wednesday: Visits, paperwork, and EFM (and bears, Oh my!).
Oh dear, better get my butt to bed!

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