Busy Day

‘Bout time I had one of those – have to earn my keep! Morning started with a job interview (someone interviewing with us) – someone with a (as I told her) stellar resume! We’ll see if she is interested in the yob, more than the other way ’round, LOL:).

Afternoon was spent mediating between (essentially) a Mom and her attorney, her daughter (my client) and Social Worker. It actually worked out fairly well, considering the high level of conflict in the family. Cross yer fingers for peace:)
Afternoon into evening – I skipped EFM (triple shame on me!!!) and visited two clients. Both visits went very well. One client will probably have her case dismissed (a good thing, I think) and the other will very likely (please dear sweet Lord) get adopted by his foster parents.
I felt bad missing EFM, especially after last weekend, but it was unfortunately necessary.
Tomorrow will start with a visit (there better be!) from Comcast to get my poor beleaguered laptop on the ‘net again – off to the office at about noon and then court from 1:30-4 or so. Choir practice (still the high point of my week, LOL) and a little socializing. Then home. No court, and therefore, no work (YEAH RIGHT) on Friday.
I have hit a wall on the knitting and have decided to take a hiatus. I’m not sure why that is – probably an expression of the depression I won’t allow myself to feel. Sad but true. Oh well, life is not all about me and my little feelings, but I have to at least acknowledge them. While I’m waiting for the cable guy to come tomorrow, I’m calling for a thx referral. I promised my friend Paul (and my friend Vicki, come to think of it) that I would do that, and dagnabbit, I will! Why do I procrastinate on this? One more thing to schedule, one more piece of me I have to share with someone who doesn’t really care, I guess. But that’s not fair. If I’m ever going to help anyone else, I’ve got to learn to take care of me, too. I know that intellectually, but emotionally it’s not happening yet, LOL.
God as BBL, I do believe, help Thou my unbelief:)

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