Update on Paradox? Looking forward to this weekend

Wow – pretty soon I am going to have to re-name this blog “FugueState” and forget the knits altogether. I think I got about 2 rows done on Sabrina’s scarf. Not a lot, but then I am recuperating from last weekend and getting ready for this one. Normally I do my silly to-do list online on Wednesdays when I am preparing for a full day of court. Today, I have a lot to do and want to set my goals down.

Obviously I have to clean, but first, I have to get my laptop back in shape and my desk area cleared (work before pleasure (!??)).


Clean up desk area

Reformat hard drive on laptop (dammit!) or maybe not? 11-12:30


Clean downstairs bathroom

Dust (hey, mind as well make some more!)

Clean up kitchen

Sweep kitchen floor

Clean upstairs hall bathroom

Change sheets on JoAnna’s bed

Clean up JoAnna’s room (GRRRRRR)(Can you tell Vicki’s staying there?)

Catch up on wash(AS IF!!)


Take a shower, etc.

Get dressed


Type note to Vick, with key

Tape envelope to front door (never said I was smart)

Get ready for retreat (oh yeah, did I tell you, EFM retreat is tonight until 10, and Vicki gets here at about 7:30 – nice friend, am I not?)

Will need to bring:


CD Player

CD of Hildegard von Bingen or something similar

Staples “Easy” Button


BCP (bring second cc for Bruce)

3:30 Leave for retreat (get money out of bank for tomorrow?)

10:00 Leave retreat for home

10:30 Home, reconnect with old friend, plan on tomorrow’s festivities.

I am really looking forward to what I believe to be a momentous event in sacred history and look forward to the day that it won’t be considered all that big a deal. It will be nice to have Vick come to our St. John’s Sunday (she is employed by another St. John’s in CT).

It will also be fun to sing the Byrd. At choir praxis last night, it really sounded like it’s coming together well.

As for that other situation, who knows? I have decided that (1) my perceptions tend to be correct and though I tend to second-guess myself and/or situations, I am correct in this one, but (2) people have their own motivations for what they do and I need to be more charitable. After all, the people involved are people I deeply care about and truly caring/loving means not necessarily getting the same back, although that would be nice from time to time. What I think bothers me the most is the crazymaking stuff. Maybe it’s the lawyer in me, but whenever I have a problem, I usually just deal with it by putting it on the table, talking about it, dealing with it – or making a conscious decision not to deal with it – and moving on. I hate, absolutely hate, not talking about things. And this is one of those situations where it’s difficult to even discuss because I’m dealing with behaviors, looks, innuendos, and one comment from a person who is on the periphery. Not a lot to go on and impossible to raise to the level of a serious discussion without sounding like I’m having a psychotic break. Rest assured, I am not. Sometimes I wish I were, LOL!



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