“on this life journey friends are guides, guardian angels, mentors, role models, truth tellers, comforters, comic relief and side kicks.” Bonnie Anderson

How true that is! I was thinking about how important friendship is – you know, all those funny e-mails you get telling you that a true friend is not only someone you can call after you’ve killed someone and they’ll keep it quiet – but they’ll help you bury the body. Probably not a good analogy, but you get the idea. More often than not over the years, I’ve felt like the comic relief and side kick to the lives of many of my friends. Let’s face it, one doesn’t often know who ones true friends are until life hands you that kick in the gut that brings you to your knees. Not being a particularly attractive or wealthy person, I’ve felt that most people whom I consider as my friends truly are. At least I hope so.
Well this morning went reasonably well. I watched the granddarlings for a few hours while their Mommy slept after a long night at work. She’s a 911 operator, and has an insane work schedule, and Daddy had to work and the other grandp.s do more than their share of daycare, so it was my turn. I have to laugh. I raised six, hear me, six children. I used to start my day off making breakfast, doing dishes, gathering up the wash, making beds, vacuuming, even cleaning a bathroom or two, nursing one baby, feeding the others cookies (I know, shame on me), arguing with a pre-adolescent, moving over the next washload, folding, putting away, making lunch, doing dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, putting a couple down for naps, finishing the wash, getting them up from naps, making dinner, cleaning up, baths, bed and then I had time for myself.
Now I’m a grandma and I couldn’t multitask to save my a$$! By the time Dori got here to pick them up, the house was a disaster (and only the play room was picked up because Madison cleaned up, LOL). Ruby had not had her nap. Nobody had had lunch, and even Dori was cranky.
But we had fun.
What is it Bill Cosby said about his parents being nice when they became grandparents, “These people are old. They know they are going to die soon. They want to go to Heaven. “
Oh well…..
It’s been a couple of days since I posted. Thursday we had choir rehearsal and it was without a doubt one of the best rehearsals I’ve been to in my LIFE. Nancy was tough and I only wish she were like this all the time. We really really learned this piece. It is so wonderful to have a productive rehearsal. So often, I feel like I’ve got to go home and practice and learn the notes myself. Nothing wrong with that, but I felt like we were starting to take the music to the next level. Nancy is a brilliant musician. Unfortunately, she is doing really the work of 2 or 3 people – she directs four choirs (2 bell and 2 vocal), a youth instrumental group, runs the music department of a fairly large Episcopal congregation with all the administrative details involved therein and is a world-class organist who performs at least one breathtaking concert every few months, to say nothing of regular music and a Pre- and Postlude every blessed Sunday! Rehearsal was intense. I don’t know how she maintains her energy, but God bless her! What was so rotten was that afterward one after another of us told her they’d be out of town this Sunday! Nice reward for such hard work, eh?
I will be there tomorrow, but that’s cold comfort as I am not anything like some of the star singers of the group who often carry the day for us! And I am just learning to sing tenor. The cold has helped, LOL:)
Speaking of going out of town, my boss invited me and another attorney, Connie to go with her to St. Michaels for the first day of the statewide multidisclinary conference on CINA (child in need of assistance) cases. Whoo hoo – hobnobbing with the judges and masters – hope I don’t have to behave too much! Seriously though, it should be interesting and we are staying at the St. Michaels Harbor Inn – the hotel John pre-opened when we lived there twenty years ago! I’m leaving to go there tomorrow afternoon after I attend Donna H.’s recital of English sacred music (my favoritest ever – lots of Ralph Vaughn Williams!). Donna has an amazing voice. It’s truly beautiful and I know I won’t be disappointed:)
Meanwhile tonight….

and Entertainment Arts and Entertainment Winners
Best Punk Band The
The Spark keeps its punk straightforward with its sophomore 7-inch,
Fashion Rats and Status Whores (Mike Fitzgerald Records). Whores’ 10 superfast
tracks are a barrage of double-time drums and neck-grabbing riffs, throat-vocal
blasts slicing through only when necessary, from the leadoff affront of “Circle
Pits Not Karate Kicks” through the snottily titled “Of Course It’s a Basement,
Stupid” and the rousing “Get Awesome.” Everything here clocks in at right around
a minute, long enough to shove a pent-up emotional world into and not so long to
veer into the arty, clever, or boring. This quartet is all business, channeling
its no-BS ’tude into its unpretentious surge. And the Spark lovingly continues
the long tradition of punks killing their idols in the fabulous spleen of “Bored
in DC”: “We’re not banned in DC, not the slightest threat/ we’re devoid of rage
and inviting complacence/ our passion is fading, we’re accepting the norm/ this
must be the quiet without the storm.”
Tonight I get to hear my daughter, Kristin, play her bass in her old band, The Spark. The Spark was voted in ’04 as Baltimore’s Best Punk Band (see quoted article above) and although I am not normally a punk rock fan, I am so proud:) Their lyrics are decidedly anti the current regime, so I am further proud. A few less “F” words would be helpful, though. Anyway, this is The Spark’s farewell performance, their “swan song” as it were, so I thought I should go and actually see Kris play. I will try to take a picture or two and post it if possible.
Fear not, Kris is not done with her musical career. An employee for the State by day, student by evening, she will still be playing with her new band, Dragon something or other, by night. (WHAT KIND OF MOTHER AM I ANYWAY???)
Anyway, I am going to find a pair of jeans that fit, a top that won’t embarass me (or my kids) and try to go and act inconspicuous! Well at least Dori is taking Madison (and some earplugs) – she’s 6 1/2, so it’s not like its child abuse or anything. I think it’s way cool that she’s getting to hear Aunt Kristin play! Three generations all moshing together (NOT)!
I still have to-do lists. Before cinderella gets to go to the (Headbanger’s) Ball, she’s gotta
-finish the wash (ah, the Neverending Story!)
-clean up kitchen, den and living room and playroom
-vacuum (MAYBE)
-switch winter and summer clothes
-bring summer and unused winter clothes back down to basement
-practice for choir tomorrow (I’d better!)
-shower and dress for the show
-find out how to get there (It’s a place called Ten-Car Pileup in Towson, LOL!)
Think I should bring earplugs?
Yikes….Didn’t there use to be a band called “Mommy I’m Scared” ???

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