Well, I got most of the things on the to-do list done:)

Yesterday was my big docket day – Thursdays morning and afternoon – and of course, it started out with a client who was ready to tell the Master to kiss his a$$. This kid is acting out so much pain, it’s not funny. In the midst of trying to plead this kid’s case to Master G, one of the sheriff’s deputies leaned in and told me my jacket was on inside out! Don’t you hate when that happens? I had run out the front door – it was a lightweight jacket – and didn’t notice what I had done. Oh well, these things are sent to try us (no pun intended…).
The afternoon docket wasn’t all that contentious. Right before my last hearing my phone started buzzing – I looked and saw it was Nancy – had to call her back after jumping out the courtroom door. She was free for dinner before choir and what the hell, why not – after court I met her at work and we had chinese food. It was all vegetarian – broccoli and bean curd, quite good. Then of course the high point of my week – choir – then home to get some more work done. I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow:)
This morning I attended a mediation out in Westminster for a colleague who is out getting knee surgery (and forgot to get a picture of the historic courthouse – dang!). I love Carroll County and wish I could practice out in Western Md more. For some reason, the bar out that way is really collegial and friendly – so un-Maryland-like (OK, just kidding!). It’s always a pleasure to go out there, so it was NO sacrifice at all to help out a friend, BELIEVE me! I had one rescheduled shelter hearing in Baltimore County that another colleague covered for me, so I could do this. She did a great job for my client, who got to go stay with her grandmother, mom’s self-righteously angry attorney notwithstanding, LOL. It was a good thing Nancy and I had dinner last night instead of planning for lunch today – the mediation went well into the afternoon and I left with a massive headache – feeling better now after a cup of coffee, some food and a few ibuprofens.
Tonight my church, as part of a country-wide interfaith educational effort, is showing Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, free of charge! I’ve invited my kids to come see it with me, but they are either busy or have already seen it and since John works 8 million shifts a day, bless his heart, I’m going solo tonight. Again. Hopefully I’ll see someone I know there.
Until then, I’m going to work on Sabrina’s scarf – finally settled on a pattern by the very talented Annie Modesitt from Scarf Style and boy is it challenging. But then, her stuff is worth the trip:)
Bis spaeter – pics to come.
UPDATE – saw the film – and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to leave any kind of earth to his or her children!

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