Travel West

My job took me to the wilds of Western Maryland
yesterday. When it became apparent that I’d be needing to visit some clients out that way, I sent out an e-mail to others in the firm and so put together a plan to visit ten kids. A lot of car time and reconnecting with clients I see twice a year. Also, the fall foliage was beginning to burst forth in the far western sections of the state.
The morning started in Towson, where I had a shelter care hearing for one of my clients who had been placed back with his mother. His little brother’s whereabouts are currently unknown, believed to be with his mother. Then back to Ellicott City to prepare the mapquest directions for the various placements. God bless Mapquest! (OK, GoogleMaps is another good option:))
Then to Jefferson, not far from Frederick, then Hagerstown, then Williamsport then my final destination – between Frostburg and Grantsville in Garrett County.

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The the weather had its ups and downs – rain and mountain driving don’t make for a good time, but it is infinitely easier to deal with than the fog that hit me last year and drove me back from the Garrett County border, but as you can see, the foliage is starting to show its lovely self.

The pics I’ve uploaded were shot from my cell phone, going the speed limit (ahem) while negotiating some curves with some serious drops off to the side and thankfully little traffic, so the quality is not the greatest, but you get the idea.

The sky started clearing as I headed for Garrett County and made for the beginnings of a lovely sunset. I could see why they call the mountains out in West Virginia the Blue Ridge Mountains – they seemed so blue as background to our piece of the Appalachians. After passing Frostburg, I ventured further past mostly trucks and a few travelers, into Garrett County and finally my exit!
I never think I’m going to get there – seems to take forever:)
Finally, I made it to Salem Children’s Trust a place that has virtually, if not literally, saved the lives of at least two of my clients. It’s out in the woods, obviously, has its own school. The food is all natural – they even make their own flour! They are primarily vegetarian, whole foods and no additives. The kids reside in houses, all very homelike, in a family-type setting. One of my clients doesn’t even want to leave to go into independent living – and I don’t blame her!

Visited with my client, then three of someone else’s. Then on the road again to listen to all the music my husband and kids cannot stand:) and finally home!

So in the last couple of weeks, I have basically been to each end of the state. I have time to reflect and to listen to music, making calls from the road. I don’t have time to do paperwork and seriously prep for trials, so that’s what I do with the balance of my time. And the difficulty with working out of a home office 80 percent of the time, is you never really leave the office, so work and life meld together into one organic whole. Believe it or not, I like that. Who knows what my professional future holds? I hope I will be able to do this work for a long time. If not, I’m sure that God – or as others may say, the Universe – has a plan that will work for me and the others I may serve.
Today is Wednesday and I have to get another batch of local visits in, prep for tomorrow’s hearings, and get my EFM work up to date:)
Tomorrow, court all day and then Choir Praxis.
Friday – a mediation for Connie in Carroll County, maybe lunch with a friend, depending on her schedule and my mediation, and maybe, maybe some work on my knitting projects:)
Who am I to ever complain about my life:)
Got this today from Sojourners:
That’s when I want you – you knower of my emptiness, you unspeaking partner to my sorrow. That’s when I need you, God, like food.
Rainer Maria Rilke

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