Sunday morning very bright, I read Your Book by colored light….

I remember so well that song by Paul (Noel) Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary fame. What a great album that was! It had the Wedding Song on it. This morning is utterly beautiful! A bright sunny day that started out cloudy, now clear and crisp and cool with a slight breeze. Today I am so grateful for my husband, our kids, my family, both in the traditional and non-traditional sense. I am grateful for my church, especially our choir and our director, and so very grateful for music. John sometimes thinks I’m being melodramatic when I say things like this, but sometimes it’s those corny things that are simply true.

Right now the house is so quiet. I came back from church and everything downstairs was so clean, I knew John had been up. I think he’s gone back to bed or out. So I think I’m going to go to the park and have that walk I wanted to do Friday morning. After worshipping full of sound and music, I feel the need for silence and prayer (my silence, not necessarily anyone else’s). Today is simply not a day to sit and knit. It’s a day to walk and contemplate and that’s what I’m going to do.

(Well, maybe a little knitting later;)

Bis spaeter!


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