Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy

I feel how she looks (isn’t Ruber Duber getting to be a really cute grrrl? )Ah, the grandma gig – a real pissah! Whoo Hooo! The brief is all but done and I think it’s going to simply ROCK!!! Connie and I have always worked so well together. I so admire her work ethic –Continue reading “Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy”

For this I took a break from work?

Horoscope for this week – spiritual schizophrenia? “In 2000, I logged 34,000 miles during my travels across America to meet my readers. During a three-year stretch earlier in my life, I was a homeless gypsy, sponging off friends and staying in hostels from Vermont to South Carolina, from Italy to Greece. But in recent yearsContinue reading “For this I took a break from work?”

Just another manic Wednesday whoa oa oa

Well, here we go again – the merry-go-round of Wednesday and I’m in the middle of it – that whooshing sound was the brass ring going by – and traffic on the Baltimore Beltway which was doing anything but whooshing! Yesterday I had two emergency visits and took pictures of the Key Bridge heading fromContinue reading “Just another manic Wednesday whoa oa oa”

Well, don’t I look professional!

It’s a damn good thing I wear pajamas! I got up this morning a little later than usual, because today is my day to be on call for shelter hearings and they don’t start until 11am. I ran downstairs in my jammies to check e-mail. When no e-mails arrived, I called DSS just to beContinue reading “Well, don’t I look professional!”

Sometimes these things really give me the creeps – sounds too much like my life.

Aquarius Horoscope for week of September 14, 2006Last May, workers cleaning up garbage on Britain’s highest mountain made a startling find. There at the top of Mt. Ben Nevis was a piano. How did it get there? Three years earlier, hikers in Indiana’s Yellowwood State Forest stumbled upon an equally inexplicable anomaly: a massive boulderContinue reading “Sometimes these things really give me the creeps – sounds too much like my life.”

Knitters take a break today:) or What’s the point of a blog?

I was thinking about that as I left church this afternoon. How nothing like this existed when I was a child. I had a diary, a little funky thing with gold tinged pages and a little lock and a key I always lost, so I had to hide it in my underwear drawer – asContinue reading “Knitters take a break today:) or What’s the point of a blog?”

Got this in my e-mail from CrossLeft

Published event by nsp-howardco-MD:A Day of Silent Meditation, Prayerand Fasting for Peace and Social Justice On Saturday, September 23, from daylight to dusk, Patapsco FriendsMeeting is holding a day of silent meditation, prayer, and fasting towitness to our concerns for the policies and actions of our countryboth at home and abroad. We seek to makeContinue reading “Got this in my e-mail from CrossLeft”

Still raining – and we need it!

View from my desk before darkness fell this evening. What a wet damp dreary day – but I won’t call it dismal because we need water given the somewhat low levels of rain we had this summer. So I’m not complaining. Done with court for the week. New round beginning. And so it goes. AsContinue reading “Still raining – and we need it!”

Drivin’ into town with a dark cloud above you,

dialin’ a number who’s bound to love you baby you turn me on, I’m a radio, I’m a country station, I’m a little bit corny….” Ah Joni Mitchell! I never really got into her music when I was younger, even though I’m certainly “from” that time! My oldest daughter, Kristin, gave me a bunch ofContinue reading “Drivin’ into town with a dark cloud above you,”