Trip to Michaels

Yesterday, I spent some cash – but not a whole heck of a lot:)

I picked up some things I needed ….. and bought some yarn. But I was good – I got acrylic yarn – good old Red Heart. Hey, why not? More bang for the buck. I also figure a lot of the stuff I’m going to knit really should be machine wash and dryable, right? Especially if I’m going to knit things for the poor unsuspecting grandbabies:) But a few of the skeins are for the Mason Dixon Log Cabin thingie -pics will be found on the knitalong site later today:). The other yarn may end up in a sweater or skirt. Last year I knit a sweater with a bunch of variegated purple/green/soft white yarn and I thought I’d pick up some green yarn to match it. The sweater I knit turned out way too big, so I gave it away to charity. There are a bunch of the poor who are obese – I oughtta know, I was – and at times still am – one of them!
Of course, the day before I went to one of my LYSs and purchased a bunch of interesting bobbins (E-Z Bobs – watch that spelling!) and Elsebeth Lavold’s The Viking Knits Collection – a classic I did not want to miss:) I didn’t buy any yarn, but the book was worth the trip.
So here’s a picture of the new addition to my stash – nothing to write to the Yarn Goddess about, but more color in my life nonetheless!
This morning, I organized the huge bin of yarn into future projects and put the Log Cabin project into a bigger bag -it’s going to need it. The downstairs is a mess ‘o projects, but it’ll at least be an organized mess, LOL:)
There’s another picture I’d like to show you. Yesterday, I was feeling really down about something and got a gift that put things into perspective. With it was a card that said – “Happy 30th. I will love you always.” How sweet was that? Had to run to court, but kissed him while he was sleeping to say thank you.
DH called out from his bartending job because his hip was hurting him so badly. He slept a little longer and when he woke up, we had breakfast for dinner – his breakfast, my dinner. His beverage was coffee – mine – Pinot Grigio (goes really well with an omelette:)) We watched Sidways a really sweet movie, actually. He was still so exhausted. His hip pain seems to keep him up – and no, he won’t go to the doctor because he doesn’t want to be told he needs surgery. I suspect the pain will eventually get him back there, but I will keep on nagging anyway. Why do the people I love make me crazy? It never fails to happen.
Well, today is going to consist of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and knitting. Kristin is moving to a rowhouse in Hamden, this time with a couple of roommates, thank God! That place she had up on Calvert Street was a door or two down from drug deals. Hampden is also a place where drugs abound (where don’t they in this day and age?) but having a couple of other responsible adults in the house doesn’t hurt. Danny and Tori are also moving to an apartment in Laurel. Everytime our kids move, we get more, not less, things deposited in the basement. I hope they know eventually we are moving to a smaller place, good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise:) but we don’t mind helping them. Did I tell you I love my kids?:)

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