Paul, I love you!

I got this in an e-mail from a dear friend, Paul, today!

God, she *be* looking over you. So remember – a big, Black lesbian has “got your back.” In the words of my friend LeMay (another member of the God as BBL Church), “Don’t make me come down there!’)

His view of God is so amazing! I love it when people push the envelope in matters of faith. Paul is a philosophical Taoist and constantly challenges me to greater faith in God’s will for my life. We went to Middlebury together. He was a couple of years behind me in school, but he is light years ahead of me in spiritual development.
His e-mail was such a gift to me today! I have hope for the first time in ages:)
I found the above symbol online – it represents Celtic Taoism – a melding of two religious traditions – just as Paul comes from the Celts, he is part of the Tao – is that right Paul? Or do I have everything miskerfluffelt?

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