uH boy, now I’ve gone and done it

Have you ever hit the “send” button on that e-mail you really needed to sit and think about? I was growing tired of some crazy-making stuff that was going on and, I hope gently, made an observation about it, with the caveat that I could be dead wrong. On the surface, the e-conversations were fine. It was the undertow that kept knocking me on my you-know-what. I know, I know, this sounds cryptic and probably very silly. And sometimes I feel extremely silly, believe me. This is one of those days that I could really be stark raving mad but it’s not one of the times I can laugh about. If I hurt this person’s feelings, it will kill me. Literally kill me. I get that I’m not supposed to make others’ opinions of me more important than my own self-esteem. Truly, I get that. And yet the emotions are there and I so don’t need this right now!
Oh well, it’s not all about me, LOL:)
Went to Prayer Shawl Ministry and met some lovely ladies – many of whom are not much older than I, but from whom I feel light years away in some sense. The leader of the group is a very interesting lady with a very philisophical, erudite approach to knitting. What she had to say was always cogent and fascinating. I look forward to our next meeting next month. In the meantime I got a lot of knitting and praying done on the Prayer Shawl. I like to think of it as prayers being woven into the fibers.
I suspect there are a few people who read this blog and wonder why all the God talk and prayer talk. I do not expect or want necessarily, others to believe as I do. However, my faith is a big part of my life and I refuse to leave it at the door here. If you cannot agree, I respect that – and I really do mean that, having been on my own journey over the years – please take what you want and leave the rest:) But please don’t feel unwelcome.

Published by fuguestateknits

Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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