Grandma Gig

It can be exhausting – but what a lot of fun! Have a colleague covering shelters for me this morning while I watch a recuperating grandbaby. Ruby is the younger sister, so often we don’t get much time just with her as we did with her big sister, Madison. The minute I gave her a hug when she came to the door, I knew she had lost weight from being sick, poor baby! But she ate pretty well for me – despite the whole grain french toast, LOL. After a morning of, yes, some TV watching, but it was Dora and Diego and Bob the Builder and Franklin, and some time with the toys (she loves that drum filled with musical instruments – I’m so proud!), she just collapsed, tired and exhausted while mom-mom rocked her to sleep for her morning nap, singing hymns to her. Good times.
I think the Grandma Gig is God’s way of helping us make amends for our parental days, LOL!We get to have fun with them and really appreciate them because we get them in relatively small doses. It’s funny, the extra stress of constantly watching a little one was with me for so many years that now when it comes back, I really see how tough a job it was to raise my own. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Hell, the kids are hard enough on me for all of us:)
JoAnna just left to go to class and then to work. Sabrina is at work. Betsy is at work. John is upstairs, sleeping, having done his usual double shift from 5PM to 7AM. Ruby is napping. The house is so quiet, I don’t know how to act. What a blessing to have this brief moment of silence, like an oasis in a stress-filled desert!
Yesterday, I drove to the Eastern Shore to the town of Fruitland, south of Salisbury. The drive over the Bay Bridge used to be a lot scarier with the construction going on. Now I no longer feel like I’m driving over a grating a mile above the water! The next shot is an attempt to show the other side going westbound, but it didn’t turn out so well. Also, the day was really brighter and the colors much more

vivid. The client is doing well, so it was a
pleasant trip. You can see from the remaining pictures how flat the Eastern Shore really is – in fact the only area of hills seemed to be around Cambridge, halfway between Easton and Salisbury!

And, as the sun set over the Maryland Eastern Shore, I drove back home, contemplating the week ahead:)

Last night I got very little knitting done, but did join in on the Mason-Dixon KAL – a terrific group and a very interesting book that make knitting look so easy – yeah right!
Today as soon as Ruby’s Mommy comes to get her after her training session, we’ll probably do lunch and then I’m headed for visits, 1st meeting of Prayer Shaw Ministry and EFM this evening. Then home to prep for tomorrow and Friday’s hearings.
If you read my ravings about the brief I worked on with LawyerMd, just a quick note of interest: In my e-mail box yesterday was a “BizQuote” that, wonder of wonders was from Dr. Seuss himself and I thought I’d end this entry with that quote:

That’s why my belief is the briefer the brief is, the greater the sigh of the reader’s relief is. Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991) American writer and illustrator



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