Just another manic Wednesday whoa oa oa

Well, here we go again – the merry-go-round of Wednesday and I’m in the middle of it – that whooshing sound was the brass ring going by – and traffic on the Baltimore Beltway which was doing anything but whooshing!
Yesterday I had two emergency visits and took pictures of the Key Bridge heading from beautiful downtown Dundalk to beautiful suburban Annapolis, but they were a little dark – will try to post later.
Today I was up at 5:30 – so I’m feeling relatively virtuous – that’s relatively! Had a presentation to go to about appeals in Towson. Very informative, short and sweet – my kind of presentation! Tonight is EFM. Tomorrow is court. Tomorrow afternoon is a visit and then Choir – my favorite (Lord you’d think I had no life the way I carry on about that sheesh! Sad but true, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool music nerd and proud of it:))
Well – I’m off to see the little wizards…..
Bis spaeter!
=is a good sign, too:)
PS – No knitting until Sunday!

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