Got this in my e-mail from CrossLeft

Published event by nsp-howardco-MD:
A Day of Silent Meditation, Prayerand Fasting for Peace and Social Justice

On Saturday, September 23, from daylight to dusk, Patapsco FriendsMeeting is holding a day of silent meditation, prayer, and fasting towitness to our concerns for the policies and actions of our countryboth at home and abroad. We seek to make available to all who haveneed of it, a still place and time to recollect that our country, whichhas so much potential for good, is currently promoting war, injustice,intolerance, economic inequality, and environmental destruction. Wetrust that in the silence we may clarify our vision for our country andthe world and be shown how to be more effective witnesses for thenecessity to love each other and our earth. September 23 is the firstday of fall. This is a time of spiritual significance and renewal formany traditions, marked by Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan, among otherholidays. This day also follows the United Nations International Day ofPeace on September 21. We invite you to join with us at the BonSecoursSpiritual Center. Come when you can. Stay for as long as youneed—or participate from wherever you may be, and to whateverextent and manner you wish.
Directions: [39]

This looks like it might be something worthwhile. Although I have a humongous appointment at 8:30 that morning, I doubt it will go much past noon or 2 PM, so there should be time to go – in fact it’s not far from where I’ll be that AM and praying for peace is a good thing. I’ve never been to a Friends Meeting before. Am really looking forward to it. Will report back afterwards:)

Today is B day – BRIEF day. Here’s my checklist. (forgive me, but for some reason this seems to work – get the work done and then I don’t have to face public humiliation. Hey, whatever gets the job done, right?)

1-thoroughly review to end of testimony (already have a good dent in it)
2-outline CA opinion
3-flesh out issues (only 2 or three, really)
4-complete research (not much left to do)
5-outline argument for each issue
6-go through testimony for support
7-do statement of facts (rely heavily on court below – they did a great job!)
8-sew pieces together

I should be able to get through 1 – 4 before dinner time, and 5 before bed.
6 will take Tuesday evening
7 and 8 will take Friday (I’m hoping to get a colleague to cover the one hearing I have that morning)

Saturday – have it all ready for review and edits!

I have GOT to stick with this plan. It’s good discipline:)

So, this blog is going to be pretty pretty boring because I’m going to be busy…… See you when I have something interesting to say:)


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