Quick update

OK, let’s see if I’ve been good today (HAH!)Hmmmmm, I’ve been HAH!ing a lot lately… not good.

Finish organizing workspace – OK did that
Assess which client I must visit today one – DONE!!!
Schedule visits (Must be between 1 and 4 PM) – DONEđŸ™‚
Organize files/visit info/hearing forms (in other words, get ready for tomorrow’s hearings) DONE
Do mapquest printouts for visits not necessary
Complete paperwork from Monday’s hearings; filing for office DONE
Return all calls –pretty much done with a few exceptions

1 PM to 4 PM
Do visits DONE
Go to office for pick up/drop off will do on my way home tomorrow

@Kitchen table (don’t ask me why, but it’s easier here):
4:30 PM to 7 PM
Finish EFM homework -DONE
Pick prayers for opening and closing DONE
(Sometimes I miss those good old Hail Marys:)) DONE with that:)

OK, so here’s what I have left to do before I go to bed.
—Motion for J’t in the B case (e-mail to D for her review)
—Modifications to evaluation forms; e-mail form to M and D
—Modify Choir list so it’s ready for tomorrow; print out 20 copies

Now I’m a woman on a mission. Goddammit, it’s getting DONE!!! (excuse me….)


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