On the way to Kinkos

OK, so I have no life. I obsess over the stupidest things – like getting a church flyer just right. Usually I just go ahead and do this stuff and don’t worry about it. So, I’m just going ahead and getting the copying done and f’em if they can’t take a joke, as a wonderful woman named Kathy Mankowski used to – and probaby still does – say:)

It’s really nice outside – not too hot, and the sun is shining. As I was driving between Baltimore city and Reisterstown this morning, everyone and their sister was out with a yard sale in front of their home. Good thing I had virtually no cash with me!

Got three client visits done – now on my way to Kinko’ then I’m inside working on that two-pronged brief. But I have ideas – lots of good ones – and it will be fine:)

Yesterday I was filled with anxiety for some crazy reason. I’m dealing with some weird stuff that I’m too shy to write about here – or anywhere for that matter. Just one of those, “am I crazy or it’s just that others think I am?” kind of days. Plus I think I may have inadvertently hurt the feelings of someone very dear to me and that bothers me because it’s not like she would show it and then what do I do? Create the problem and then say I’m sorry? Don’t think so! Don’t you hate when that happens?
Anyway, I tried to do something nice to make amends and then realized that I need to just forget it and move on. Sheesh – I don’t know what’s gotten into me – I’m not usually so self-conscious! Anywhoo, I decided that the only way to ward off that insane feeling was to move around, so I went to the park and walked about a mile. It felt really good. Then I took a quick trip to our church’s prayer chapel and found that Peace I needed. That felt even better – put things into perspective. Funny that…..
So today, I’m off to get a few things done so that tomorrow I can pay attention to what I need to do. If I am a very very good little doobie and get my draft on the brief done, maybe, just maybe I can do a little knitting tonight. Probably work on the FLAK, which is coming along quite nicely – I’m almost done with the front (well the front before we add the width for the sleeves and start really knitting the rest of the body in the round. It’s the most interesting way of constructing a sweater, and I think it will be one of the best fitting ones I will own. We shall see…..
Till later….

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