Very busy week, Very short week

I am now in a certain fugue state of my own, so to speak. The magical evening hour between work and heading off to choir practice and my evening activities. I’m knitting this among other things (of course:)) It’s the beginning of a “log cabin” afghan – got the idea from Mason Dixon Knitting. What a terrific couple of writers they are – and they have a blog and knitalong: . This blankie will be a nap blankie for the grandbabies – and I suppose anyone else who wants to be babied while they’re in our living room, LOL. For that reason, I suspect this one will get done quickly. It’s all in acrylics – machine wash- and dry-able – a definite stashbuster!

Hopefully the second picture is better – it seems like the lighting in the first picture is a little weird, but you get the idea.

After choir, I will most likely be spending half the night reading transcripts and researching a federal statute for a brief in another case, a very interesting case that really involves permanency for two young kids. I hope I do this job right:)! Good news is, no court or visits tomorrow! Yippee!! Finally I can get some paperwork done!!
This week has been very busy for such a short week. But that’s what happens as the summer winds down and people start getting into “serious mode.” Otherwise, how would we know what season it is?
For example, last night was our first EFM class for the year – I am really looking forward to this year. Second years focus on the New Testament – the “pocket part” as some of my Jewish (lawyer) friends refer to it. The NT is a lot easier to remember, to understand (as if I understood any of this!) but I think I will want to review some of the OT stuff, too. What I really like about this class learning how to think, to analyze text and historical context, something I’ve often lacked, in studying scripture and theology. Another interesting thing our class this year has a number of folks who are not Episcopalians. Oh, not that there are any religious Taoists or Buddhists or Jains or Hindus or Moslems in the group. Not that exotic – but a variety of Christian denominations. One of our group is a retired government employee who is involved in mission work and travels among people of many faiths – and some of none at all. As a mother of six, most of whose children have expressed some form of agnosticism or atheism, I have a lot to learn from those who differ from me. I have learned a great deal from my children and intend to keep on doing so from others as well. At some point I’m hoping they will learn from me. I only ask that they stay open to the spiritual so that when the time comes, they are not closed to the joy of a relationship with the Divine.
Well, I’m soon off to choir – one of my favorite times of the week and an indication that the autumn is beginning – and I will be spending it with some of my favorite people, doing one of my favorite things, in the presence of You-Know-Who…
Did I tell you my idea of Heaven is singing in a choir?

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