A break from court today:)

My colleague, Ann, is covering the only (uncontested) case that I have this afternoon. I’ve got a lot of paperwork, hence I am at the desk, at the computer, and taking a break to write this blog.

Cross posted this pic from the UFO August Blog:

Have one sleeve and the finishing to go. Since getting back to my “old way” of knitting which I didn’t realize was “combination” knitting, it seems to go faster. Let me explain (and to you non-knitters out there, you might want to take a little nap…):

Apparently, the way one wraps the yarn around the needle determines the way the loop will “sit” on the needle, i.e. the leading side in “front” of the left hand needle or in “back.” When I was a kid and learned “American” or “English” style knitting – also called “throwing” – in which I used the right hand to wrap the yarn around the left hand needle – I taught myself how to purl. What I didn’t realize I had done was to wrap the yarn clockwise, rather than counterclockwise, thus purling “Eastern” style. My knit stitches then sat with the leading edge in the back, but that worked out fine and gave me a very flat looking stockinette stitch.
Fast forward to college, where I learned to knit “Continental” or “German” – in which I held the yarn in my left hand and used the right needle to pick at the yarn and draw it through the loop. (Believe me, it went a LOT faster that way!) However, I found that purling was very difficult for me as a beginning Continental knitter, until someone showed me how to purl “Western” by appearing to wrap the yarn almost twice (or perhaps a better description would be to say that the needle caused the yarn to appear to wrap around almost twice) in a counterclockwise direction. I was on my merry way to knitting Continental and Western.
Now, in the last couple of years, I purchased the book, Knitting in the Old Way, by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and Deborah Robson (highly recommended!). One of the early chapters mentions eastern and western knitting. I was intrigued. Then more recently, I saw the incredible Annie Modesitt (or her other blog) on the Knitty Gritty program. She mentioned combination knitting. After watching her knit in her unique style, which by the way, is not just combination knitting in terms of eastern and western, but also in my opinion, a combination of Continental and English style as well. A flash of recognition hit me and I realized, “hey – I used to knit like that – maybe I could do it again”. And I could. After years of practice at Continental knitting, I could now wrap the purl stitches the “old” (clockwise) way without the awkwardness of my youth. Whoo Hooo! Thanks, Annie!
Now the only time I knit “Western” is when I have to purl over a previous knit – it’s still easier that way. OK, back to more interesting stuff:) Of course, now I want to take a serious look at Annie’s books – Confessions of a Knitting Heretic and maybe Knitting Millinery. She’s written other things – a book about wire knitting and another one called, Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them or something like that, and Better Than Therapy, a bunch of essays about knitting, along with a bunch of magazine articles. Annie has a great sense of beauty and a really cool sense of humor, so I imagine all of these will be good reads. I will let you know:)
It is beautiful outside today. Maybe I’ll get to the park for a walk – and maybe even knit outside! Although, I gotta say, we do need a bit of rain. The grass is starting to get brown.
Backing up a couple of days – Wednesday – we had the organizational meeting for EFM for this year. Rosemary, our assistant rector, was there and shared her experiences with going through all four years and then being called to the priesthood! Quite a blessing to learn about – I am fighting that feeling BIG time! John would probably kill me or divorce me and I would deserve it. My kids would laugh their socks off – and my poor father would wonder what he’d done wrong (Dad’s an atheist). That being said, it was a great meeting. Chris was there ! Yippee!! And Rebecca from Christ Church, Columbia; Bruce from the Lutheran church across the street, Susan and Charlie from Choir (as is Chris), June, Tom our Fearless Leader and his partner Sally, and a couple of other folks. It was great to see such a large turnout! I cannot wait to get started this year:) At times the material can seem so difficult to get through, but when we get together as a group and really share what we’ve learned, go through the exercises and theological reflections, something wonderful happens.
On a similar note, Vicki and I have reconnected. I am so happy for her – she’s to be ordained this year. She has felt called to the priesthood since we were in college together. Unfortunately the church we were both members of at the time did not and still does not allow women to be ordained. Kind of a problem, that…. She’s Dori’s godmother and was my sponsor at confirmation some 31 years ago, and was my maid of honor when John and I got married. She was there for us when we were living in NY, but the move to MD 26 years ago made it difficult to keep in touch. Thank God for the internet! (or should I thank Al Gore – only kidding!)
We are both trying to get tickets to the ordination of Katharine Jefferts -Schori (I spell that nine ways to Sunday – hope it’s correct) on November 4th, with the idea of going together. Vicki would come down to our place in MD and then we’d drive to DC together. I’m sending up hopeful prayers – the request was indeed postmarked 8/15 per the instructions, LOL! Speaking of which, I should ask Vick when she’s getting ordained -and either plan on being there or plan on sending prayers up for her that day.
OK, now I’ve got to get back to work, but before I do, I want to share a flash of insight (they’re so rare with me, I gotta talk about them, LOL):
This morning while I was trying to get my old bum out of the bathroom so Sabrina could get ready for work, I was thinking of a client of mine – a young man I’ve represented since he was a little boy. This kid was removed from his mother as a toddler – she was so neglectful that this kid was caring for his infant brother and he and another brother (whom I also represent) nearly threw this infant out of an apartment window (“mom” had to go buy some drugs and left the kids to fend for themselves). He and the brother I represent were ultimately adopted by this couple and then were removed again because the adoptive monster beat him with a belt for stealing money off her dresser. These “people” (and I use the term advisedly) decided to dump these kids and consented to have their rights terminated. Lovely, huh?
Despite all that, they have been blessed with a wonderful CASA (court-appointed special advocate) who has just been terrific. She’s gone to the high school graduations, taken them out to dinner, has been so loving.
Anyway, in my mind’s eye I fast forwarded to a day in the future. V in a suit and tie, with his wife and kids, living a good life. One Sunday I’m in church and I meet him again. He’s happy. He’s found love and he loves back. He’s contributing to society. He’s what I call a “real man, ” who lives up to his obligations.
A dream? Maybe. But I couldn’t stop the tears. Nor will I ever stop hoping.

2 thoughts on “A break from court today:)

  1. I can’t believe I found someone else making Tilia! I’m about to seam mine up (perhaps tomorrow). I wanted to warn you that I ran out of yarn – I had just barely enough to finish the second sleeve – and had to buy another one to finish! Best of luck to you. I’ll check back to see how your’s came out.

  2. I can’t believe I found someone else making Tilia! I’m about to seam mine up (perhaps tomorrow). I wanted to warn you that I ran out of yarn – I had just barely enough to finish the second sleeve – and had to buy another one to finish! Best of luck to you. I’ll check back to see how your’s came out.

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