Before I get back to work….

There are two items I am dying to start. One from this book-in particular the Green Mountain Gardens Cardigan from The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book. (I’d post a pic, but am concerned about stealing bandwidth.) ‘Twill be my first adventure in steeking! And this time, it will be in a size I don’t have to refigure:) (no pun intended).
This book can be purchased at

The other is the FLAK (Follow the Leader Aran KnitAlong) which can be found at this link: and I will be using as my guide during this process (this picture was downloaded and then uploaded from my own computer, so hopefully I’m not stealing any bandwidth from Janet Szabo by putting the pic here. If anyone reads this and I am incorrect, please please let me know!):

Aran Sweater Design can be purchased elsewhere on the same site (Big Sky Knitting). Vogue Knitting gave it a terrific review in its Fall issue. I have both of these books and cannot wait to get started. I know, I’ve got some UFOs but these have been festering in my mind and I just have to get them started (in one case, started again, so in a sense they’re both UFOs, LOL!)

OK, now really back to work:)


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