Just another manic Monday?

Not really. Its pretty calm here. Today after I’m done planning and completing some oddball tasks, I’m going to sit down and write our brief. It’s not that big of a deal, so I’ll have it done in no time. I love Mondays like this. its beautiful outside and quiet inside. I’ll have to call the office soon and that’s fine. The operative word is call. I have always wanted to telecommute and today I am happily doing so. It’s funny, so much of heart’s desires will come to us if we keep that goal in front of us and strive toward it. That’s the beauty of liviing in a place where we have so many options. Of course, one must be careful of what you’re desiring:)
Maryland in August is not usually my favorite time of year. Kids are usually sick to death of summer vacation and are itching to get back to school (although they’d die before admitting it). The weather is usually downright awful, hot and steamy, and everyone seems to get on each other’s nerves. But this Maryland August – a least for today – is not so bad. Instead of the usual humid 90 degrees F, we are getting 80s, dry, with a breeze. Sounds like the type of concoction you’d love the bartender to give you at the beginning of your vacation – you know, like it needs an umbrella and fruit or something?
My knitting projects are moving ahead one day at a time (sweet Jesus…). And we are about 2 weeks closer to choir starting up again. And school for those in college (our kids are grown and working their respective ways through, since all we can afford to do is support them in other ways). School means traffic will be tougher on court days.
But for now, I’m enjoying the last of the slower pace of August.
Soon Donald will be coming over with the grands. John’s sleeping now, but will take them to “Pop’s Park” when he gets up.
And here’s a prayer that Dori gets home safely!



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