Sick Sucks

Got out of the hospital Saturday. After a week of feeling like crap. Had cellulitis in my left leg – yuck! I don’t think I’ve ever been this sick in my whole life – nor have I ever been in the hospital that long – unless you stayed in longer than five days in the ’50s when I was born, LOL! Thank God for antibiotics, friends (especially Ann M. (our parish nurse and fellow alto) who told me to get my butt to the ER), Nancy S., Diane L., Linda K., Donna H., Kathy R., Alison C. (who visited me on a particularly bad day), Connie and Ellen) and colleagues – esPECially Ann S., who covered my cases two weeks in a row! Thank God especially for holiday weekends and a relatively quiet court docket:)

I’m reading a bunch of mystery novels I wouldn’t have the time to finish normally – and of course I now do have the energy to knit. I’ve discovered Elsebeth Lavold. What beautiful patterns! A nice challenge, but not too difficult so well designed! The office knows how to find me (I’m not going anywhere soon – the leg hurts if I put it vertical for too long), so I’m hanging out at home until next week, when please God, I aim to be back in the saddle again…….

Will have pics up as soon as I’m able.

Did I tell you I’m very grateful?


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