Happy Mother’s Day

To ALL you mothers out there – and to all of you who were mothers to the motherless!

Every Mothers Day, I get to thinking about my own mother and how much – now almost 44 years later – I miss her. She died at a young age. My 4 brothers and I were left with our Dad to do the best he could. And I think he did pretty darn well. I also think about my step mothers, especially Maureen, who has been with our Dad through good times and bad. I think about my grandmother, and my mother-in-law, and my friends’ mothers, who modeled for me things that weren’t happening in my own home at the time. I am grateful for all of them – and for the friends and other women in my life who have given me what my own mother, through no fault of her own, could not.
Let me tell you about the legacy my mother gave me. She had a good heart and a terrific sense of humor. She had an amazing singing voice and a love of music that has stayed with me to this day. Her sense of humor, like mine, could get her in trouble at times – as mine has:) She knew how to party and have fun. And she HATED housework! For that I will always love her:)
I can now write about my mother without crying. It used to be I could not even talk about her without opening up a bottomless well of tears, but now I remember her with joy and I am so grateful that, despite all my faults, I’ve still retained some of her good qualities. I look forward to meeting her again in Heaven and comparing notes and above all, thanking her for her love.
My father’s mother – we called her Grandma – was a cellist before she got married, had children and got rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. She was a feminist but didn’t know it:) She, too, had a great sense of humor. I learned from the way she interacted with our parents, that one could be friends with one’s parents upon reaching adulthood.
I am now a grandma. When I got back from church this morning, there was a message on the answering machine from Madison – my six-year-old granddaughter – saying “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom-Mom” She also calls me grandma. What a gift.
There’s one other person I think about on mother’s day – my Dad. I think about the night our mother died. How we later learned he spent half the night (after identifying her body at the morgue) reading Dr. Spock’s Infant and Child Care to try to figure out how he could tell five little children that their Mommy was dead. He made mistakes, as do we all, but he was motivated by love and that covers a multitude of things. I will always be grateful to God that we were left with a good man for a father. So on Mother’s Day, I think of him always:)
My greatest prayer is that my clients, big and small, will have someone they can call Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you – especially the ones who want to be mothers and can’t be. Believe me, there’s someone out there who needs you!

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