I have no earthly business doing this!

But, it HAS been a long time! Had court this morning – two hearings – one shelter that was granted (no choice really) and the other a specially set adjudication that was postponed for one more week (keeping the kids sheltered and giving mom some more time to get her act together). On the way back I figured I’d drop off the sleeveless sweater/shell/vest I knit for Nancy’s birthday if she wasn’t too busy getting ready for the intense Holy Week schedule. Nancy is our music director and conducts an adult choir (to which I belong), an adult handbell choir, and a youth handbell choir. She also oversees the music for a fairly large church community. Needless to say, I figured this must be a very hectic time for her. So, I thought, I’d just drop off the silly little gift, wish her a belated birthday at the church door (also her office door) and just be on my way. Instead I was treated to a really nice and interesting conversation on a lovely afternoon – and in the middle of the work week! Who knew! God does give us these surprise gifts. And I think I got the better gift this afternoon. I thank God for this wonderful person. Now that sounds a little dramatic, I agree, but if you spent all week with lawyers, clients (who are terrific, of course) judges, and crazy/abusive/drug-addicted/hurting/sad/struggling/poverty-stricken parents of clients, you would know what a delight it is to count among your friends a woman who is NOT a lawyer, who makes her living producing beautiful music, who is there for her friends and tireless in caring for others, including her dear husband, you would understand whereof I speak. And then, to top it all off, she is brilliant and has faith. Why am I so lucky? I certainly don’t deserve this bounty:) especially since I was so awful to John last night. He certainly deserves better than me.

One of these years I will remember to take a picture of what I make. The sweater actually turned out fairly well – it looks like it will fit her. Now THAT’s a minor miracle! Although I have to say lately that I’m getting better with gauge and all that, so the knitting big thing seems to be at least accounted for in my designing and planning a garment. This is one I put together myself. I say “put together” because I used a general pattern from a book, and then decided on the center cable and no sleeves. So, I sorta kinda designed it (sorta kinda) but you know how that is. Cannot take the full credit in other words.
Since I cannot take a picture (she has it) I will say it was a sky blue cotton/rayon blend with a Saxon Braid cable down the middle of the front, neck and waistline ribbing in seed stitch, armhole ribbing in regular 1×1 and stockinette stitch everywhere else. I kept it simple, which seems to have been a good plan.

OK, back to work. Good news is, I have to hit the road and do visits – a nice thing about my job in this weather.


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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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