And now a word from our sponsor….

just kiddin! Survived the conference – it really was somewhat disappointing, although I gotta admit our video/mock trial was a bit of fun. I didn’t embarass myself or the firm too much, although I look so nerdy in court mode! Nerdy and chubby wubby FAT! Why I should be surprised is beyond me, LOL!

On a very sad note, my high school friend, Peter H’s mother died over the weekend. She was a very bright, intelligent and very nice lady. I will never forget Peter’s parents’ kindness in taking me home one weekend when I was in college and Peter’s sister Paulette was interviewing at the college! What a loss – gotta remember them in my prayers.

Tomorrow I’m going in to the office and do a few visits and …. hope springeth eternal!
Wednesday lunch with Connie and then we’re carpooling to the Annapolis training that afternoon. Wednesday evening is EFM, no docket on Thursday, so I may be able to do some work on the proposed f of f for the B case and a visit or two – and of course beloved choir praxis – my weekly music therapy:). Lunch with Nancy on Friday (man, I better think salads – lots of salads! or south beach will cave!)


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