Feast Famine Life is Beautiful Life Sucks

Yikes – what a week so far! This is my nephew, Jackson’s birthday and I have not sent a card or even an e-mail. What kind of creep am I? Never mind…. Today is also the 43rd anniversary of the first day of the Second Vatican Counsel and of my mother’s terrible death in an auto accident at the young age of 27.
And today, my poor son and his fiancee found out that the baby they thought they would have in May is no longer. Poor kids found out at the sonogram they went to this morning and have been dealing with it all day! I know, I know, miscarriage is nature’s way of sparing them from horrific hurt and pain and suffering when a child dies in infancy. But what an awful way to find out! Most every woman I know has had this experience, and now I know it doesn’t get any better when it happens to your kids – in fact, it’s worse. John was so upset when he heard the news, he took off from work tonight, so he’s now on an ice cream run for Tori!
Work is insane! I have too much to do in too little time. The good news is next week is a bit of a break from court, and a couple of trainings – one requiring an overnight stay in Flintstone, MD (maybe I’ll see Fred and Wilma there…).

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