Thanks Kris,

For helping me to take the easy way out again:)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. advocacy:
    It's better to tell someone else's story – and so much more interesting to learn!
  2. flute:
    The haunting voice of my childhood. My memories of playing in the backyard with Grandfather. Still my friend on a lonely day.
  3. knitting:
    Closest thing this old fart gets to zen and disassociation at the same time.
  4. laughing:
  5. law:
    A tool to help the weak and the disenfranchised!
  6. sacred music:
    Brings me closer to the Eternal. Modulates grief into joy.
  7. singing:
    Heaven when with others.
  8. violin:
  9. :
  10. :

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