Holly woooodddddd

Today I participated in a video for the CINA training at the Rocky Gap resort scheduled for mid-October this year. We had a basic outline of what we were supposed to do (a permenancy planning hearing after some stops/continuances, etc.). Donna C. from the Baltimore office of my firm, and I (from the Baltimore county office) played children’s counsel. Judge M. from Mont. County played (surprise surprise) the judge and various people from Baltimore City office of law, the Office of the public defender, and social workers and CASAs played their respective roles. One attorney from LAB, Joan L., played the grandmother who kept getting up and talking to the judge out of turn. We were supposed to make this the presentation where things were done “right”. O Lord! We worked hard, and had a good time, too. It was nice meeting with people from other parts of the state and pretending to do what we do every week. It was strange because I really got into it. Somehow I don’t think Hollywood is ready for me, though – the giggling gave me away. Donna C., however, has all sorts of experience in production and direction. She produced that series on a bunch of couples having a baby in the early 80s when she worked for MPT. I loved that series- and of course was very impressed! So now I call her “Hollywood.”
News at 11……..


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