Wanted to get this in before the date changes

Today is my sister Laura’s birthday. I hope she is well and has a terrific day! She’s a sweetie and deserves a good time. This day is also an anniversary of sorts. John and I met this day 39, yes 39, years ago. He tells me he was interested in me from day one – I was wearing a mod tie, fer cryin’ out loud! I think he was trying to say I was weird, “but in a good way.” I told him honestly that since I was 12 years old at the time, he was not even on my radar screen! I was far more interested in his sisters who were one year older and one year younger (or the equivalent in school grades) than I. I just pegged him as the 15-year-old older brother who would be far too cool to hang out with us. Little did I know the son of a gun had been conniving all along, so that by the time I started noticing him, he already “liked” me. Geez, I guess you learn something new every day. Huh….
Now for one more thing to make us feel really really old – and extremely nervous. Our son, Danny, informed us yesterday that his fiancee, Tori, is pregnant and probably due sometime in May – about 1 month before their wedding is planned. Yikes. I guess they are getting married just a leetle beet earlier than originally planned. That’s OK. My main concern is now they have someone else they will be supporting and caring and worrying about. Tori has a couple of p/t jobs in the works and is going to school to be a massage therapist. Danny is taking classes at the community college, but is also looking for work. Scary times. Tori’s folks are fine with the pregnancy and they are pretty neat people anyway. I just want things to work out for Danny and Tori. They both have dreams of being actors. Don’t want them to lose their dreams. No one should this early – or at all! So far so good.
John’s on his way home. We’re going to celebrate our “anniversary” with some Welsh rarebit and (I hope I hope) wine. But then maybe I’m going too far.
We both have to get up early tomorrow – John for bartending at the ballgame and I for choir rehearsal and church. I guess we still are the “odd couple.”

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