Happy Labor Day

This holiday honors the men and women who came before us – who, sometimes risking their own lives, gave workers a voice and value by working collectively. Today I was looking at someone else's blog and saw that world-famous quote by Margaret Mead – to the effect that there is nothing that a goup of dedicated people working together on a worthwhile goal cannot accomplish. How many of us would be living in utter squalor without labor unions and the work they have done for us? How many of us would even be living, come to think of it?

Yesterday, our church service was all about the importance of our work, whatever it is. I kept thinking about what I do for a living and whether I could do a better job (always!). I also think about the kids who got away – the ones who were not helped, even the ones who died – and wonder what I could have done better. Can't help but think that. Seems the best thing to do to honor THEIR memory is to be resolved to do the best job I can and keep trying to improve. You never know whom you will reach or if/when you make a difference. I pray I do.

Of course the balance of the service was about hurricane Katrina and the devastation, especially in Louisiana. Anyone reading this, they need CASH, so let's send it!

On a happy note, Thursday is our first choir rehearsal for the year. I know, I know, I'm a nerd. Get over it. I have no life, except work, family, friends and church, including choir. Come to think of it, that's a damn nice life, so I'm not complaining:) I'm actually pretty lucky. Thank you, God:)+

Come and Grow


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